An Alpine Spa Indulgence at Jesacherhof

It is one of those days… I hardly slept the night before. I am in a pretty foul mood. I don’t feel like driving the two hours to my next gig, the Alpine Spa in Hotel Jesacherhof in the stunning valley Defereggental.

But I never cancel an appointment for no reason, so I pack my bikini and set off to Osttirol.

Although just about 65 km away, I end up taking over 2 hours to get there due to heavy traffic… not a prospect to increase my mood level at first.

Yet once I have passed the convenient Felbertauerntunnel, the first and longest tunnel on my route, I get better. 
And with every tunnel I pass, I feel that the road spits out a better me at the end. 

Eventually I drive up the winding road into the Defereggen Valley and totally feel blissed. 

Alpine Spa

How fortunate am I to be granted to visit this stunning place! 
How blessed am I to have been invited by the lovely Jesacher family to visit their beautiful Alpine Spa!

So why care how long the ride takes? Actually I contemplate, that time and distance, and the cosy pace of my ride add to prep my mind, body and spirit for the beautiful Alpine Spa experience to come.

Alpine Spa

The Hotel

I sit with Mrs. Jesacher at tea time in their beautiful hotel garden for a chat. She tells me the story: 

The Jesacher family has lived in the area for centuries, and it was Grandpa Jesacher who started the hotel about 40 years ago, when a ski lift was installed, and he recognised the opportunity and need for a hotel conveniently located right next to it. Smart move I’d say!

Additions and amendments have let to what it is today: a true 60-room Wellness Hotel in the midst of one of the most beautiful valleys in Osttirol.

I also learn that the region is the largest area covered with swiss stone pine tree!

Alpine Spa


The entire Wellness section is basically split in two: an previously existing area called family spa, and totally new and contemporary section with pools, relaxation rooms, new treatments rooms and jacuzzi, the Alpine Spa.

Alpine Spa

But, wait, there is a lot to be done prior to your spa visit:

In summer, you must try

  • hiking  
  • walking
  • climbing and mountain biking
  • fly fishing (the hotel owns their own waters!)
  • rafting (lots of fun and action!)
  • golf (9 hole course near by)
  • tennis (the hotel has their own indoor tennis courts!)

    Alpine Spa

and in winter:

  • ski and snowboarding with access to the ski area right next door
  • ski touring and winter hiking
  • nordic skiing and biathlon
  • and of course après ski, which is very conveniently located in the hotel garden…

And if you still have energy left after all this, there is a gym to tire you out, or join the daily aqua fitness classes!

Alpine Spa

Pools & Heat Experiences

One outdoor family pool in the relaxing hotel garden, and one outdoor spa pool are available, as well as two different indoor options for the same purposes. Take your pick depending on weather or sun setting!  

Alpine Spa

As you would expect from a proper wellness oasis, you can find all the services you need for a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience:

  • Finnish Sauna
  • Bio Sauna
  • infrared cubicle
  • brine steam room
  • steam room
  • heated benches

Alpine Spa

My Treatment

…was one of a kind.

It is going to be hard to describe it adequately, but let me try:

Mrs Jesacher invited me to their signature ‘silver quartzite stone massage’ in one of the new and airy treatment rooms. But this is not your regular hot stone massage, as the ritual differs from common hot stone massages, plus the stones itself are very special.

The quartzite stone with medically proven powers can only be found in the Pfitsch Valley in Southern Tyrolia. Which makes it pretty unique, right?

Alpine Spa

The opening ritual of my treatment included a vocal audio intro, which explained more about the stones used, the myths of the mountains, and the products used during the treatment. The soothing voice soon faded and gave way to lovely relaxing music, accompanied by calming sounds of stones being gently hit together rhythmically.

Larch is mood lifting

Whilst I was busy preparing my mind for the experience to come by listening attentively, my lovely therapist burned incense from larch trees, that are said to have an grounding effect and to boost self-confidence. Absolutely mood lifting and stress relieving at the same time!

Alpine Spa

For the massage as such, my super friendly therapist used stones of different size and shape all over my body combined with juniper/sunflower oil. She performed her strokes very carefully and attentively, in a slow yet steady pace. Although the pace was slow and ‘pressure’ soft, this was not one of the boring ‘caressing’ massages at all. Actually it almost felt a little strenuous, similar to the strain one feels after a heat experience. And this is the main aspect of this massage: the deepness does not come from deep pressure, but from the power of the stones.

At one point (please do not ask me when exactly, as I totally lost track of time and space during this treatment), my therapist ( she had great energy by the way!) applied larch tree balm to my legs, for a detoxing effect. Then she did a muscovite peeling (with sand made from the quartzite stone that gives some kind of electric sensation) on my legs for stimulation of circulation, beneficial for heavy legs and sluggish veins.

Alpine Spa


The last part of the massage was a gentle facial massage with lavender oil, very relaxing and calming… Of course, as the lover of skin oils I am, there could not have been better finishing!

What an experience, I am ever so grateful to have been able to experience this authentic and indigenous treatment!


A day visit at Alpine Spa includes afternoon buffet in the hotel restaurant: cakes and fruit, coffee and juices, fresh milks, salads, and more delicious afternoon snacks are available. I cannot resist and opt for cakes and fruit, and am not disappointed! I enjoy the fresh farm milk that is one of its kind in the beautiful garden in the shade of large and age old trees.

The gourmet cuisine offers first class indulgence for example with their healthy breakfast, sweet and savoury snacks like I have tested, evening gourmet menus, and great wine selections.

Alpine Spa

Extra Tip in the area

The Defereggen valley is fortunate to have their own healing waters with a very high salt concentration. It is said that the smallest amount of this powerful water is sufficient for beneficial effects (external use only). 

The company offers a variety of products containing the healing water, and they are also available at the Jesacher Hotel:

  • bottled water for a bath or body wrap
  • water in spray bottles
  • shower shampoo
  • body lotions
  • organic facial creams
  • hand cream
  • foot cream
  • lip balm

Alpine Spa

Wrap Up

I so loved this day! Totally! I actually have never lingered at a spa reception past my visit as long as during this stay. I chatted forever with the lovely spa therapists, I dilly-dallied about in the changing area, I took forever to get to my car… And I cannot wait for my grand-child to grow up, so that we can take her to the Jesacher Hotel for a beautiful family vacation!

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