Wellness Österreich – Wellness in Austria

according to an international report (Health and Wellness Industry Report 2014 by Horwath HTL), so called ‘destination spas’ (hotels, that have made their spa and wellness offers main focus for their guests) achieve a much higher repeat-booking-rate (globally about 40 to 50 %) compared to regular hotels and resorts, whereby the next visit is often booked on check-out.

Furthermore it is reported that wellness tourists spend about 65% more during vacation abroad, and even 150% more for domestic trips, compared to the average tourist. 

These interesting figures let one have a premonition on how important the wellness sector is to be considered in Austria, respectively in Tyrol.

We take the opportunity to ask Jeannine Moosbrugger, project manager health&wellness/ Innovations- and Cluster services with the region agency Tirol, a few questions:


Why Cluster Wellness Tirol?

Cluster Wellness Tirol is a network of 130 businesses, research and educational institutes, which have positioned themselves along the value chain tourism, wellness and health. Objective of this network is to escort and consult those companies in their operational work of innovation.

In this regards the cluster wellness tirol offers services particularly in the areas cooperation, information and communication, qualification, globalisation and and public relations. Focus of the cluster work lies on initiating innovations within the Tyrollean competence triangle technology, health and tourism.

Above the cluster members profit from the service offers of the region agency Tirol such as the sponsorship consultation, mobility services and the Enterprise Europe Network. 

The Cluster Wellness Tirol thus offers a well rounded package of support in innovational management.

All these measures strengthen not only the businesses involved but also the economical performance of the location ‘Tirol’.

So when companies want to develop and grow, or need support in innovational management or have interest in intensive networks and cooperation, the Cluster Wellness Tirol is exactly the right platform. 


Is Tyrol a designated Wellness Destination within Wellness Country Austria?

Tyrol has one of the highest wellness hotel density in Europe! 350 Wellness Hotels invite millions of guests to Tyrol every year, for relaxation and particularly to enjoy the lush nature. 9% of Tyrol-visitors call themselves Wellness-tourists. 

Wellness mostly is seen as added value, which is not to be missed anymore nowadays. Guests come for hiking or biking holidays in summer, for winter sports in winter, followed by a visit to the wellness areas and spas in the evenings. Hotels without wellness areas find it difficult to generate bookings, wellness areas are considered must-haves in Tyrol.


What is a Highlight?

The Tyrollean hotel industry has recognized the wellness trend early on and adapted professionally. Particularly during the 1980s, millions of dollars were spent on high standard wellness areas. Highlights are the most of the time bigger than 1000m2 areas with all spa/wellness and fitness offers, that are available in the industry. For example a classic Finnish Sauna to the more and more popular Infrared Treatment, or asian infused Ayurvedic Treatments. 

Unique designs and architecture, always in alignment with sustainability and nature, are as much proof for innovation within the Tyrollean Wellness sector, as new services, that answer the upcoming trend of mindfulness and  stress reduction.


What is the Tirol-Wellness-Trend for this summer?

One highlight are the new health travel tourism offers such as the “mountain summer Tyrol” .

This program has been presented for the first time during the 3rd Tyrollean Wellness Kongress last week. In summer 2014, under the motto of “Tyrol moves you” six different Tyrollean regions will be offering special events for holiday guests, which are interested in their health and regain fun for physical activities. 

Many people realize that due to lack of time they hardly have opportunities for balancing body and mind.

Enjoying regional culinary specialities, hiking or walking, water treading or Yoga excercises are but a few examples for the many activities, that are meant to be kick-offs in the middle of the Tyrollean mountains for a more active and thus healthier life all year around.

Important with the program “Tyrol moves you” is, that highly qualified professionals like guides or therapists provide information on how to move best. A variety of activities is available like Nodic Walking with hear rate monitoring in the Alpbachtal region or guided ‘impulse giving’ hikes from the castle Kronburg in the western Tyrollean region.

Jeannine Moosbrugger 

What is your personal Wellness-Tipp?


My personal tip is all of our wonderful mountain lakes in Tirol which make a smooth contrast to the rough mountains.

Our biggest lake, Achensee, is beautifully nestled between cascading mountains and is highly refreshing on hot summer days with cool temperatures. The panorama and the crystal clear water have a calming effect and let you unwind instantly 

I personally also enjoy gentle hikes, for example in the Obernberger See area, which to me is pure mountain-wellness.


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