Is a man’s skin really different from a woman’s? The booming market of male toiletries.

By 2023, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about 27.76 billion USD, according to Euromonitor projects this market to reach 60.7 billion USD by 2020.

That is a booming market of male toiletries and well worth having a look.

Is a man’s skin really different from a woman’s?

Yes and no. Like different women have different skin types, so have men different skin types. Whilst any basic moisturiser may serve any gender or skin type somehow, there are a lot of differences in needs and demands of consumers.

Although male hormones may cause the production of more oil on the facial skin compared to women, exfoliating that skin by shaving can lead to dry skin. So you can conclude that a moisturiser that works for a women works for men as well.

Next to the facial hair, there are also structural differences between male and female skin. Male skin is said to be thicker by about 25%, hence the texture is tougher.

Why the need for male grooming essentials – Marketing to different needs

Ok, we said that most skin care products may be fine for both men and women. But aren’t most skin care products marketed to women? Why would men feel addressed by this kind of message?

Just think about fragrances. They are more likely be found in women’s products. Or shapes, look, colours of packaging…

Although I so have some very nice neutral uni-sex skin care products (for example the facial oil by Kindred) on my bathroom shelve and do not mind sharing with my man, I believe that men need help when choosing skin care for themselves. And this can only be achieved by attractive offers: modern offerings of male toiletries should be about sleek packaging, effective formulas and minimal fuss.

Some retailers have already understood and designed their store layouts to meet male customer’s needs. 

More and more male grooming start-ups are emerging, and I have had a closer look at the gentlemen line by UK brand Modern Apothecary.

About the company

The website reads: ‘…All of our products are aimed to enhance and benefit our customers everyday life… Products that benefit the whole family.  [there are different ranges for babies, women and men]

We only offer you products that we believe in.  That are made from the highest quality, are unique and are beneficial. Each Modern Apothecary product contains a unique blend of essential oils…’

My Product Test

Charles from Modern Apothecary UK was so kind to send me four different products from the gentleman’s line, that I had my husband to try out.

booming market of male toiletries Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Shaving Cream

Shaving creates a need for extra skin care. The intense exfoliation of the skin may lead to a more radiant look instantly, but can also irritate the skin and lead to ingrown hair.

This is what my husband says about the shaving cream by Modern Apothecary:

“It lathers up great and the razor blade glides smoothly over the skin. I have not experienced any nicks, and my skin feels great after the shave. My absolute favourite out of the four products I have tested”.

booming market of male toiletries Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

After-Shave Balm

‘The after balm has a good smell and does not irritate the skin.  It is buttery and soft, and my skin felt clean after application. It is not at all oily or sticky or heavy.’

booming market of male toiletries Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

2-in-1 Conditioning Hair Shampoo

‘The light shampoo makes my hair feel clean yet not dry. My thick and curly hair feels soft afterwards and not dried out. I also enjoyed this product much and will continue using it.’

booming market of male toiletries Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Shower Gel

‘The shower gel has a great smell and lathers well. I feel clean and refreshed.’

Anja adds: This is a super summer products due to the eucalyptus. Even I loved using it after sports activities on a hot summer day.


My husband found all products to have good packaging, which is functional yet not very special. All products were easy to handle in the shower for example, and it was easy to get the content out. 

Maybe one could make the bottles a little taller and leaner, which would be easier to hold and grab and pour.

The manufacturer is keeping the environment in mind by using recyclable containers.


‘Although the packaging is not highly eye catching or strong or exiting, the good basic look is ok. I like the brand name, which to me is a blend of old and new, and totally suitable. I experienced the ingredients in all of the four tested products very good, and would continue to use them.’

Since TalkWellness’ readership consists of almost 50% male readers, I am particularly curious about your opinion! What is your experience with male toiletries and grooming products? Do you have a favourite? Love to hear from you!

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