how a normal girl came to guide on life & consciousness

I know, it has been a while since I last published an interview. Yet I feel the wait was well worth it, here is the story of well travelled Louise Davies – Evolver, who tells us all about how a normal girl like her came to guide on life & consciousness. Louise is self-employed as Evolver energy practitioner and lives on Ibiza Island / Spain. She hold mini breaks at ‘Retreat ya’self’, a concept she has just started. 

Louise, you have not always been doing what you are doing right now, what happened to you?

I was an events manager for over 15 years. First I was located in London for 10 years. Then I moved to Dubai for 5 years, followed by the Maldives.  I am not afraid to try somewhere new and really followed my instinct as to what to do each time. 

Whilst leaving Dubai I knew I was looking for a change in my life, but what and how I just couldn’t say. A job in the Maldives found me to be honest. I wasn’t looking to go there, but somehow I had contacted a General Manager of a resort from my many Linked In connections. Seeing the island and the scope of the work I would do, I decided to take the position. 

Really, with the creme de la creme of the world, this is a 5 star millionaires/billionaires playground, I was even busier than in Dubai.

However at that time, I met my yogi guru Coco. She was a Kundalini Yoga teacher and really this is what started me on my energy work path.

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Why Kundalini Yoga?

I am not really a fan of other yoga’s, they didn’t resonate with me. After I tried the first session with Coco I was hooked!! 

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness and is mainly about breathing (pranayama) and circulating energy around the body with the movements (asanas). The energy after the first session was palpable. I could see mixing science with the experience, and this helped me connect more to the energy aspect of it. I have been doing kundalini yoga for over 3 years now and I am a certified teacher in it, I would highly recommend anyone who has not tried this unique style yoga to try a session, I hope to be able to assist in someway to make Kundalini yoga more mainstream with the work that I will keep doing with it. 

Energy work really can help release all sorts of trapped emotions and traumas, helping to clear, balance and restore harmony within the body.

 guide on life & consciousness TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Please tell us about your book

Maldives was like a school of life showing me what could be possible for me to do next. After working there for 2 years I had to go to our other resort branches in Bahamas & Mexico for 2 months to help organise their New Years events (yes awful I know…). I had a window of 6 days and went to Peru to the rain forest ( I went to do a plant medicine called Ayahuasca). This is where I had some me time. The clarity of mind, and where the idea of writing a book came from. Literally a day before I went I had no idea I would come out of the rain forest with the start of a book skeleton. I had an epiphany moment when I realised I wanted to be a light worker really connecting with people on an energetic level. This would be possible in part by training in Kundalini and teaching classes with that, recording guided meditations for people, with my husky voice they seem to go down very well. And also to write a book based on my experience of being a left brained logical thinker but having started to change in the last few years to a more right sided brained creative open minded human being. The steps that kept being presented to me and having the courage to follow them knowing it was for my highest good. Like the universe is showing you steps to follow. 

‘A Normal Girl’s Guide to Life & Consciousness’

This is how my book ‘A Normal Girl’s Guide to Life & Consciousness’ came to be, I have recently self published it on Amazon, in ebook, Print & Audio (which I recorded myself). As it was my story I thought it would be better coming from me. I want to connect with the consciously curious people out there. People who want something more. But don’t know what that is or where to start looking for it in the first place. I hope to guide them to start on their life path by reading about my true life account of being more consciously aware and in a ‘normal’ way to see things.

My book is available on , you can find it there should you wish to know more about me and my journey. 

Your story sounds like a adventure novel, what came next?

I decided to move to Ibiza as I had worked here before in events. The island as well as having the party scene side of it, also has a growing wellness market at this time. With many retreats happening throughout the year and many freelance practitioners moving here with an array of skills starting to be very prevalent. The people that come to live in Ibiza just seem to be very relaxed. They are easy going people and the atmosphere is very connected and a magical place to be. When I arrived in Ibiza I was finished off writing the book and not really with a solid plan. Once I got here, I just thought I would see what would happen next.

Interestingly lots of things kept finding their way to me

Interestingly lots of things kept finding their way to me and in a law of attraction way, this is how I discovered Reiki. I was watching something on YouTube and the guy kept mentioning Dr Eric Pearl this and that. It was a sign. I kept hearing his name and thought ok ok, I will have a look at him. His story is fascinating, he does re-connective healing. I purchased his audio book to find out more and listened to his story about how he became a healer. After about a 20hr audio book (well worth a listen, a very long listen), I thought wow, I would love to be able to do this. To be able to heal people connecting to the universal energy as he does. He holds training classes but these are expensive (when you are not working it wasn’t something I could do). And I was also not in a position to be able to travel. I had just arrived in Ibiza. A few days later I was on social media and a banner came up for Usui Reiki healing online course.

How I would love to do this

I thought oh I would love to do this, it is similar to what Dr Eric Pearl does. I took a screen photo to save to look at later when I had some money coming in. Then a few days after that, I was going in my photos on my phone for something. I saw the Reiki photo, so I thought let’s have a look and see how much this is anyway. I looked online and they had a special offer for level 1 level 2 & masters from $129 to only $29!! Fate if ever I saw it, I purchased it immediately and took the online course, I then did the same for Crystal Reiki and also a Life coaching course & finally EFT Emotional Freedom technique (tapping) therapy certified course, all from the same website UDEMY online courses. Since then I have also purchased Crystal Singing bowls for sound therapy. And I am training as a teacher in Qi Gong which is like moving meditation. 

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What is in the future for you?

I am adding all my skills together as we speak. I am busy making a course for UDEMY online myself. So that people wishing to clear, balance and manage their energy can take my energy management course. This will give them many avenues to look at self-maintenance themselves. Everyone does not fit under the same umbrella. Therefore I will give them many different tools to use to try and work with their own energy and see which system they would like to implement. Some are physical, some physiological, some guided meditations, so the people really can see what works for them.

What is your top tip for more wellbeing in our every day life?

My top tip for people on how to manage their energy is to make ‘you’ time. No matter how busy you are. In the morning have at least 1-2hrs for doing something you love. Some form of physical activity. Or even just relaxing time before the stresses and strains of the day take over you. If you don’t think you have time just wake up earlier than usual to make time. This will set you up for a fabulous day with a clear head. If you do try to go straight into the work day, as you have “so much to do”, you literally will go into it with a scrambled stressed head. Your productivity in that day will go through the floor. So take care of you from the inside out. If you take care of the inside, the outside will start to follow suit.

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Thank you so much Louise for your story!  If you wish to be in touch with Louise, go find her on facebook. Her group and page is called Evolver – Energy practitioner. Or be in touch by email:

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