Healing Traditions: Mount Kilimanjaro from your yoga mat.
Maasai Yoga & Meditation

Yoga in the African Bush? 

Oh yes!

Let your eyes stroll over the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, let your ears listen to the sound of the beautiful creatures hidden in the bush, let your skin feel the soft breeze, let your nose inhale a scent of ‘home’, let your soul heal with ancient healing traditions.

Let this women be your guide: Tanya Pergola.

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Tanya is such an inspiring person and beautiful soul, that I want to tell you more about her DVD, book, and healing safaris:

My friendship with Tanya goes back a long way and far distance: we met in 2003 in Dar es Salaam, where Tanya taught Yoga at a Spa I was managing at the time.

Tanya had studied nature healing for more than 20 years before she came to Tanzania the first time.healing traditions Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Tanya was intrigued by the way of how the peaceful and happy people Maasai understand health and wellbeing. The Maasai philosophy is very practical and based in nature. Whilst people in the West have to be taught to connect head (mind) and heart, the Maasai seem to know this naturally. So Tanya ventured to learn how this happens, how the Maasai keep this connection intact. 


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Anja on Safari in the Serengeti

A translator of pieces of wisdom

Tanya feels blessed to act as translator of pieces of wisdom, that we have lost in the West, yet can be useful to modern people.

She understands how the Maasai, who live happily without much of material possessions, actually live with, and in, nature.

Tanya has now been in Maasai Land on and off for more than 13 years, where the Maasai have shared with her their healing wisdom. She feels that in order to understand a culture you have to go deep, and spent a lot of time to receive the authentic picture:

  • have tea with the tribe in the morning
  • visit them in their huts
  • attend ceremonies
  • learn some of the language
  • and learn about the 122 different medicinal plants.

Tanya’s Book

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The book Time is Cows, timeless wisdom of the Maasai is the result of Tanya’s passion and journey. Absolute worth reading for everyone who is interested in Africa, in the Maasai tribe, in natural healing, and health and wellbeing. 

I have opted for the audio version of the book. Tanya’s voice catapults me straight back into the African bush of which I have the most amazing memories. You can order the book from Amazon or just click on the picture.


Healing Safaris in Tanzania

Tanya and Maasai elder and traditional healer Lekoko Ole Sululu can take you on a not so usual wildlife safari through the stunning landscapes of ‘out of Africa’ Tanzania. This healing safari does not simply take you to the well known beauties of for example Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti including the wildlife, but offers so much more for you own health and wellbeing:

  • yoga and meditation in stunning settings (I have experienced myself what a memorable experience it can be when cheeky little monkeys come to check on you when doing yoga asanas)
  • eco friendly accommodations in safari lodges and camps
  • meeting with spiritual healers
  • organic local food
  • participation in Maasai community rituals and ceremonies

Check out departure dates from http://thehealingsafari.com/tanzania/.

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Maasai Yoga & Meditation DVD

For the Maasai, there is no distinct boundary between the physical body and the natural world. Maasai Yoga & Mediation inspires you to feel the healing power of nature in your own body-mind.

For your African healing experience at home, Tanya has published her Maasai Yoga & Meditaion DVD. Tanya, who holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Psychology, is Chopra certified Vedic Master. She combines African healing knowledge with Vedic wisdom, both nature based healing traditions.

This approximately 60 min run time Yoga DVD was filmed on location at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania.

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It includes 

  • a Maasai Yoga Asana series, yoga practice for balance and strength. a lot of the Asanas are based on the animals that you find in the area, like giraffe and elephants.
  • meditation with Maasai healer and herbalist Ole Sululu
  • and an inspirational conversation between Dr. Tanya and Ole Sululu. Listening to this approximately 10 minute sequence has an immediate calming effect through Tanya’s soft voice, accompanied by typical bush noises such as rustling wind and chirping creatures.

For those of you who no longer use DVDs, the Yoga & meditation series are available for streaming at Tanya’s website shop.

Doing Business and doing Good

A percentage of the proceeds benefit TerrawatuTerrawatu, an organisation promoting sustainable development in Maasai communities.

Also find out more on tanyapergola.com.


Which kind of experiences do you have with nature based healing traditions?

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Anja in the Serengeti