‘The jaguar comes out in me when I am in Kahuna world’ tells Victoria Moss

I had my first Kahuna massage ever with Victoria Moss, visiting massage therapist at Ulpotha.

I had arrived in Sri Lanka only the day before and was mentally still in lala-land the day I was to receive my massage. And boy, was I blown away by that experience!

I am admittedly spoiled and particular when it comes to receiving massages and am not easily impressed. But Victoria as a therapist performing her art of Kahuna massage was just something else and left me walking on clouds!

Victoria is outgoing, communicative, quirky, lovely, warm, caring….you just have to love her!

Watch her in action, the link for a short video is at the end of this article!

Victoria and Anja at Sigiriya cultural site in Sri Lanka

Victoria and Anja at Sigiriya cultural site in Sri Lanka

Thus it was not hard for me to have a great conversation with her, learning a lot more about this beautiful person and her Kahuna massage art:

Victoria, you are a trained actress. How did you get into Kahuna Massage?

ok, well, so, I was probably about 26 years old when I received my first Kahuna massage. I had a particularly bad year at the time, this brought me to find the book “the artist way” and when I bought the book the seller told me about the group she was starting, so I joined “the artist way”.

We did all the exercises as a group which was really awesome and one of the ladies in the group told me about Kahuna massage and how awesome it was.  So sort of that was the first thing I heard about Kahuna massage, went and looked it up and got my first Kahuna massage at the Sydney Kahuna centre. 

And that was when I said “wow, this is amazing” so basically that was the seed that was planted. I said to myself “ I really want to learn this, this is really cool”.

I was doing a full time acting course at the time, training to be an actor.

Well, and then you know, my life happened, I finished my actor course, did some travelling, moved to Melbourne for a guy, did a yoga teacher training course. At the time I was thinking I would work as yoga teacher whilst I was pursuing my acting career.

Victoria wears 'dancer top' by www.hutundberg.de

Victoria wears ‘dancer top’ by Hut & Berg 

Yet teaching yoga wasn’t really my thing, I wasn’t to be a yoga teacher. But at the yoga teacher training course, I came up with my 5 year life plan, I listed all the things I wanted to do and learning to be a Kahuna massage therapist was one of them.

And also 5 rhythms dancing, which I have got to do still…

But, anyway, you know, one thing at a time in learning, and so when I got back to Melbourne after the yoga training course, my relationship with this guy got really wacky and downhill, so we broke up on Valentines day. It was good we broke up, but it was horrible at the same time, I was broken hearted.

Shortly after a friend called me up to invite me to join the Kahuna massage course she was taking herself, and I was like “cool, I do that”.

As soon as I started with the school called ‘high spirits” (where I did all my trainings) with the teacher – a lady who had studied in Hawaii for a couple of years – I knew “oh my god, this is it. This is what I really want to do!”

I was pursuing the acting thing a little bit in Melbourne, I did a short film and it was terrible. I did not like it, I wasn’t very good. I am a lazy actor laughs out loud but doing the Kahuna was so natural, I felt like it was just in me, I really loved it.

After the first 4 Kahuna level courses I moved back to Sydney and started working at the Kahuna centre.

And that was the beginning.

Am I talking too much? looking at the voice recorder: oh my god, is that me talking for 25 minutes already? chuckles

Anja: no no, please go ahead, I am totally fascinated!

So what makes Kahuna Massage so special?

Uuuuuh, it’s so powerful, it’s just such a beautiful powerful massage like really really!

massage room at Ulpotha

Victoria’s massage room at Ulpotha

I had heaps of massages before I studied it, and my therapist was awesome. I love her. 

She once said to me “I was watching you work, you have got some real animal in you”. I replied “yeah, thats really interesting, because a jaguar comes out a lot, thats one of my totem animals. I happens often with Kahuna.”

laughs ok, back to the question.

It is a powerful massage, you know, its just flowing, it works from the physical body, bouncing the emotional body. There is this spiritual body that is energetically balanced. 

Emotionally it brings you back to your heart, some wellbeing is restored in a way.

It relaxes you.

It grounds you.

It can shift things (depending whats going on in your life).

I’ve processed so much stuff on a Kahuna massage table: I’ve vomited, I’ve yelled, I’ve screamed, I’ve had horrible monstery sounds come out of me, I giggled, I’ve laughed, I’ve whaled in ancient grief and sadness and just rage.

This is my experience in Kahuna, it really shifts a lot of stuff, it is really spiritual to me. 

It is shamanistic massage because it is like a journey. This is why I like Kahuna so much.

Every therapist is different, they bring their own essence to it. I mean, there are some therapist they are really nurturing and gentle, which I also really like. And thats their thing. They don’t go much to the shamanistic side for example.

And each massage is different.

It can be grounding and also energising.

Sometimes after you have received a Kahuna you walk off the table and you feel kind of wiped out, but afterwords your vitality will be restored.

And sometimes you walk off the table and you are like “wow, lets go dancing”. sings

It feels like you are being rocked by the ocean. It’s just so yummy.

The beauty of Kahuna is that you can add other modalities. You can put Thai massage, crania sacral, energy healing if the client is responsive to that. 

You can do it all. And I like the openness that Kahuna lets you to.

Kahuna is a really flowing massage, but you can really find stillness in flow too. Sometimes you need stillness in flow.

Kahuna Massage

Tell me about your travelling, the amazing places you have been to and the places you want to go see?

oh my god, that’s big! There are so many!

To be honest, I haven’t been to that many countries, but I do want to go all around the world. If I can.

I have not been to Europe or the UK yet.

Anja: which we are going to change! 

Oh yeah, absolutely!

The countries I have been to are Bali, Thailand – I keep going back there, Lao, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Peru which I love. Peru was my spiritual journey. I come back to that.

I’ve been to America and Canada, Colombia, L.A., Yukon, I loved New York.

When I travel, its for all sorts of reasons, I love travelling. I love it. I love the adventure, the excitement, the feeling, the energy of each place. Each place has its own energy, music, sounds, food.

You know, just the energy of all this is so different.

So that is kind of cool, and I want to go around the world.

I am from New Zealand and live in Australia which I quiet like. It’s a good country to live in.

But Peru was probably one of my highlights. And Sri Lanka.  And maybe Thailand, because I keep going back there.

I had met someone who told me about ‘Ayahuasca’ so I really wanted to go to Peru and do an Ayahuasca ceremony. I thought that would be really awesome.

At that time, I was broken hearted, partied a lot, got into trouble at work until they asked me ‘what is going on, sort your sh.. out’…

So I stopped partying and detoxed, did lots of healing work, got heaps of Kahunas and screamed and yelled and cried this broken heart out.

And then I booked my trip to Peru, I wanted this trip to be my spiritual journey and to come into my power as a Kahuna massage therapist and learn some healing stuff.

I received a Kahuna massage just before I left for Peru and I had a vision on the table: of these mountains and an eagle circling, there was this woman with long black hair looking at these mountains and grassy golden plains…

So when I was in San Pedro and did my Ayahuasca with shamans, I was detoxing, doing lots of yoga.

I did my ceremony with a shaman on the river banks, it was just him and me, and I realised I was looking up at the same mountains I had seen in my vision on the Kahuna table. I was like ‘hey, I’ve seen these mountains before!”. Wow, that was so cool.

I learned  through Ayahuasca about the natural powers that I have. Ayahuasca started teaching me about healing and long distance healing (energy healing) and stuff like that. It started help me heal my relationships with men for example and about trust issues. I came into some animal stuff, like shape shifting to a unicorn, which really came as a surprise. This is my magical power. laughs out loud

In Peru I stayed in Cusco the whole time and I found this place called ‘the healing house’ so I offered Kahuna massages as donations to the Peruvians. They would come for sessions and actually loved it. 

This was my first international travel experience where I performed Kahuna massages, which was really awesome.

You know, I have gone in and out of toxic lifestyles and – as much as I loved those times of my life – its gone to a point where I have not been happy so I think now I am moving into more sort of authentic living.

Being authentic to yourself. 

Listening to your body.

Listening to what your truth is, what is truly you.

Living by that, living by your truth.

If you are true to yourself, you are true to others and thats really important.

I think communication is really important – and there is not enough proper and true communication out there…

Also communication with yourself, like really checking in with yourself.

You’ve got to eliminate toxins, the things that are just not doing anything for you.

There is some things like if its good for you then do it, and if its not good for you anymore then don’t do it, if if does not make you happy.

Cause you are the creator of your own bliss, of your own world. 

This is something I got to do, I really got to work on watching the language that I use, and lifting myself up, not bringing yourself down.

I am still learning.

So much to learn and grow.

That is what I learned in Ayahuasca that you need stillness in life. And in this stillness, massive shifts can happen.

Balance between naughtiness and nutrition is important

I would like to add that it is really important to have balance in live. 

When I say balance, it’s not all about “I’ve got to do this because it’s really good for me, I’ve got to do that because it’s really healthy, but don’t eat that, only put good stuff in your body, listen to what your body wants…

I think sometimes it is also good to have a bit of sugar, chocolate, give me something. 

Allow yourself to be a little bit naughty. 

Being naughty is good.

Naughtiness is good, you have to have it. It’s keeps things fun.

So balance is really important in life.

Anja: So balance between naughtiness and ?

Things that are divine for you. And nurturing and nutritious! Things that are nutritious, and they come in lots of forms, not just food.

I am talking about a nice bottle of red with a friend, a night out, having a really awesome dance and maybe some shots of whatever, and some really good sex, wild and yummylicious sex…

All in moderation.

In Kahuna massage I figured that I am quite a spiritual person, ceremonial, I like a lot of the shamanistic practises and stuff like that.

Kahuna Massage

That’s where my passion lies.

I don’t want to call myself a healer, I believe that the person on the table is their own healer, you are your own healer.

I feel like I am just this person that holds space for the person on my massage table. I am allowing, I am holding space, I am holding their hand. Sometimes I might even help them go somewhere when I see them standing on the brink, I kind of push them over the edge in a way.

Every Kahuna is different.

Kahuna is fun, and magical. The feedback I get from clients and the shifts I see are really gratifying to me. I really love it.

I approach Kahuna with intuition and love. It’s my passion to witnessing someones journey and to be there with them. Kahuna is about going with the flow, that is the philosophy.

Giving Kahuna is my drug. Giving is receiving.

And that is where magic happens, in play.

Want to see Victoria in action? Watch her performing her incredible Kahuna Massage art in this video.


About Victoria

36 year old New Zealand born Victoria Moss is a trained actress, qualified yoga teacher, and certified Kahuna massage therapist living in Sydney/Australia. 

Victoria passed all seven levels of the Kahuna training.

Victoria travels the world and offers the very unique Kahuna massage style as visiting therapist. Visit her at the Kahuna Centre in Sydney or if you would like to contact Victoria personally to ask a question, or to book her, or to find out where she travels next, please feel free to drop her an email to mossdiverse@gmail.com. Victoria is much looking forward to hearing from you!