LaIsla Luxury Spa – take care of your soul

I am off to the Eastern Shore for a little beach break, and am happy to take along some new products that I want to test and that I find match the occasion very well:

LaIsla Luxury Spa  is a spa brand launched in 2015, that claims to pair holistic luxury with organic natural ingredients, thus caring for the skin with the power of nature.

All of the handmade-in-Germany products are energised with precious stones and available in four different scents. Aaccording to the four islands types Bali, Curacao, Mauritius, and Ibiza.

LaIsla Philosophy

Their philosophy is based on the three pillars: holistic relaxation, aromatic indulging, and organic skincare.

Each island has their own spirit, which is reflected in the products.

LaIsla Luxury Spa


Bali – ‘Banyan Tree’ – calming and balancing





Curacao – ‘Summer Rain’ – relaxing and cleansing



LaIsla Luxury Spa


Mauritius – ‘Blue Ocean’ – refreshing and energising



LaIsla Luxury Spa


Ibiza – ‘Beach Club’ – motivating and vitalising




Ready for the Island Lifestyle

I am ready for the LaIsla island life ‘Mauritius’ and start humming Madonna’s song ? La Isla Bonita…. ?

The Body Lotion Mauritius Blue Ocean is a light body milk, refreshing with a lovely oceany and sweetish hint, that does not leave a film but a smooth touch to my skin.


I am usually not using body wash much, as I prefer good old soaps, but this Golden Body wash is special, with tiny gold particles! 

I can feel the small particles whilst using a very small amount. My skin is left with a fresh and clean feeling without the usual dryness.


I think my favourite this time is the Body Splash Mauritius Blue Ocean in a glass bottle with aloe, and fruity notes such as raspberry, cassis and rose.

I love to spray it in the air and walk into the falling mist… When I close my eyes, I am standing on a beach in Mauritius sensing the surf…

Overall I am very pleased with the puristic packaging and the simple black and white colours. The labels are legible.

Although vegan, some of the products may contain alcohol and perfume.

LaIsla & Spa

LaIsla Luxury Spa is a true spa brand that consciously abdicates to a complicated skincare system. Next to spa@home retail, they offer professional product sizes and of course special treatment designs, according to the different island spirits.

Logo by LaIsla Luxury Spa

LaIsla Meditation

LaIsla also offers four different and lovely meditation videos which is a lovely little extra, afraid in German only.


Extra Tip

Try the matching scented candle in the new glass design.

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