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Global Mentorship Program for Spa, Wellness and Hospitality

Sometimes you are this point in life or career where you realise you need support.

This can come from family and friends, if they are familiar with your industry.

Or you have an excellent and more mature colleague who lends you a hand.

Maybe you have a great network, such as an Alumni Program from your University.

And sometimes you don’t.

This is where the Global Mentorship Program Spa and Wellness totally makes sense. Let me tell you what it is, how it works and why I joined.

connect – inspire – elevate

‘The Global Mentorship Program is the first-ever international program where seasoned Spa, Wellness & now Hospitality executives can give their time and share their expertise (Mentors) to guide Spa, Wellness & Hospitality professionals with potential (Mentees).’

It is a free platform to connect with other Spa & Wellness professionals from around the world and receive or provide mentorship.

“Mentorship… the path of excellence for servant leaders”

The Global Mentorship Program is one of 3 programs within the Global Career Development Initiative: 

How does it work?

Participants will connect monthly via face-to-face, video conferencing platforms, or phone, to discuss the Mentees goals and aspirations for their career growth.’

Both Mentors and Mentees sign up by starting a profile. They provide information such as position, location, skills, a short bio etc. It really only takes a couple of minutes. And you are ready to find your Mentor.

The program is very flexible: you can joint anytime you feel you need support  as Mentee. As Mentor, you give as much time and expertise as you wish, accepting as many Mentees as you like, whenever you want to be available. Usually the Mentor-Mentee relationship takes between 3 to 6 months, with a minimum of one a month interaction by phone, skype, etc.

Some numbers, please
– the GMP was launched in 2015
– today about 50 Mentors inspiring 100 Mentees
– Mentors and Mentees represent over 30 countries including Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Maldives, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, UAE, UK, & USA.
– 98% of Mentors and Mentees state it was ‘Very Successful’ or ‘Successful’,
– 92% of Mentors and Mentees believe that their company could benefit from the Global Mentorship Program
– ‘Increased Effectiveness on the Job’ is the greatest benefit perceived (65%)
– 77% of Mentors believe their Mentees are better leaders due to their participation and 97% of Mentees believe they are better leaders
– Top areas focused on reflected by the Mentors were: Leadership and Management, Strategic & Business Planning, Human Resources, and Priority Management
– 86% of Mentees felt ‘Absolutely’ more motivated at work after being mentored
– 79% of Mentees felt ‘Absolutely’ more productive at work after being mentored

For whom is it?

•Hotel General Manager

•Spa Directors, Spa Managers and Assistant Spa Managers

•Lead Spa Receptionists, Lead Aestheticians, Lead Therapists

Why join as a Mentee?

The most common benefit Mentees reported was the sense of confidence bolstered by the honest discussions with their Mentor.

Having someone to confide in and ‘bounce’ ideas off of was incredibly impactful; creating more confidence in their everyday life and work responsibilities.

With a hightened sense of empowerment, young managers (Mentees) feel better equipped to lead their team.

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Why I have joined as a Mentor with the Mentorship Program for Spa and Wellness?

Personally I have joined the program because I appreciate the opportunity to give back what I have received many years ago from my mentor. Although not from within my industry, my mentor back then was an executive with outstanding skills who helped me greatly. 

Besides, I have been in the spa industry now for over 30 years and have seen many challenges and changes. I understand that young professionals can bring skills and knowledge that us ‘dinosaurs’ may not or no longer have. However on the other side, we ‘oldies’ can provide priceless experience and valuable long term knowledge in order to guide the future of the industry.

My relationship with my current Mentee is very enriching. I have to actively listen to my Mentee which provides me with new and fresh perspectives. We share bold and new ideas that help us in developing innovative solutions to common or new problem in operations.

Do you have mentor-mentee experience?

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