Victoria’s Essentials – Incorporating Pedicure Bowls Australia

Pedicure Bowls made from bamboo, sugar cane, corn and rice?

Sounds impossible?

Well, I admit I haven’t come across such an innovative product in a long time! And it has a great story to it, which I love to share with you.

Victoria’s Essentials director, Victoria Slater, came up with the idea of creating a replacement for their resin manicure and pedicure bowls, that would better reflect their green philosophy. The company has prided themselves on their ‘green’ approach to beauty for the past decade, hence evolving to utilising natural and chemical-free materials was a natural progression.

It took 2 years of research and development to get the process and materials perfected and the result is amazing:

  • it takes 60% less energy to manufacture these bowls compared to plastic bowls
  • the bowls are totally free from chemicals including plastic and poly resin
  • every manicure bowl, pedicure bowl and treatment cube is made entirely from renewable resources including bamboo, sugar cane, corn and rice
  • the company almost recycles 100% of all packaging and has a very low carbon footprint
  • materials are processed to form a stone-like appearance and texture using the latest low energy, high pressure technology and 3-D modelling.

pedicure bowls

Victoria’s Philosophy

Victoria’s environmental philosophy carries through to her personal life and it is this dedication to the environment that led to this eco-friendly range.

The first challenge was to research the possibilities and current technologies. Followed by a commitment to develop a material that was sturdy enough for daily use, incorporate a modern design in colours that reflect today’s decor and most importantly made entirely from renewable plant resources.

These products are a labour of love and certainly drive for a greener beauty industry!

Product launch of the pedicure bowls

The bowls were introduced to the Australian market early 2015 to an overwhelming response. The decision was then made to launch into the US market in July 2015.

The major achievement so far was the U.S. Green Spa Network’s Award for Green Innovative Product of the Year. 

Great to see that the beauty industry has recognised them for their green initiatives!

pedicure bowls

Victoria’s Essentials is now looking for a distributor in Europe

There is no competition in this type of product, and I am confident of the success in the European Spa market and worldwide!

This is not a generic product and the manufacturer holds all design rights.

Of course I have tried and tested the pedicure bowl myself. 

The pedicure bowl, that comes with a lid serving as tray, is sturdy and can resist the challenges of daily handling easily.

It is sufficiently heavy as to not be knocked over easily, yet not too heavy to be manhandled when filled with water.

The touch to it is amazing, soft yet with a good grip.

Although not a huge fan of pink colour, I love the colour range in general, as all shades are soft and unobtrusive. And I just looooove my personal new stone-grey pedicure bowl!

pedicure bowls

these are the manicure bowls

Absolutely a must-have product for every spa that considers themselves eco-friendly! 

Interested? Let me know,

much love

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

“Our philosophy is simple. If you use natural, renewable ingredients, you will not take from the planet and you won’t add to its demise. A chemical-free existence means glowing health and a sense of well-being from the inside out.”
Jeffrey Slater, Victoria’s Essentials