Pine & Stone, self administered Foot Reflexology for Home and Spa

Foot Reflexology is more like a love-it-or-hate-it affair. 

I love it. But understand people that are very sensitive to their feet and may not enjoy a foot reflexology session as much as I do.

On my ever quest finding great spa&wellness offers, I was super delighted when Bernie from got in touch with me. 

If I had heard of ‘stone & pine’ and if I wanted to try it?

No, never heard of before, but sure, bring it on! 

Who is Fullbalance?

Fullbalance is a Tyrollean family business, father Kurt and son Bernie.

Founder and sportsman Kurt is certified in Asian healing methods and has had the idea of the simple foot reflexology massage board.

He hand-makes all products, with his additional knowledge as massage therapist being of great use.

Tennis semi-pro Bernie has lived in the US for some years and is the marketing head of the business. Their motto is

“We strive for balance in all areas of our lives, with the help of natural products, that we mostly manufacture ourselves, to help our customers achieve a balanced life.”

What is the stone&pine foot reflexology board?

The foot reflexology board is made from Swiss stone pine (one of the finest woods available – I have explained the benefits and properties in my article Time for Private Spa) plus pebbles and stones, that are collected in local streams and along rivers. 

Each board is custom made, which is why I had to submit my shoe size when Bernie offered to send me a board to try out. But not only the foot size is considered when a board is custom made, also potential pains and ails of the person. Pebbles are then glued to the pine board accordingly.

self administered foot reflexology

How does the stone&pine self administered foot reflexology board work?

Well, basically you simply step on the board and feel pressure on the different areas to the soles of your feet. This is to stimulate specific reflex points of our body.

There are several ways of in-/ or decreasing the pressure, for example by using the board standing or sitting down (in fact, I have placed my board under my desk and my toes are playing with the pebbles as I write this).

Another way would be to wear socks or use the board barefoot, use one foot only or both at the same time, place the board on softer or harder surface etc. It all depends on individual sensation and expected effect.

self administered foot reflexology

No Pain, No Gain?

Well, no pain for sure … the exercise is not supposed to be painful at any time. As often, less is more. One to two minutes of ‘standing’ on the board is ideal, whereas one is to shift the body weight in order to stimulate different areas, which is desired. 

Bernie explains: “is is more important to use the board on a regular (preferably daily) basis moderately, rather then trying to endure a pain.”

Step By Step

The board comes with a guide that explains in detail which stone stimulates which body area (for example the pebbles under my big toes stimulate the head).

I go through further recommendations that say:

  • one should drink a glass of water before and after the exercise
  • or to walk a few steps in between sessions 
  • to stop exercising for the day in case of pain
  • etc.

self administered foot reflexology

Is self administered foot reflexology safe?

My first question when I heard about the board was: Is this safe??? 

I know from experience how powerful well performed foot reflexology can be (I am not talking about foot massage!). 

So I wondered if one should allow consumers to administer their own foot reflexology?

I discussed the question with Bernie. We agreed that wellness oriented consumers nowadays have increased consumption and usage knowledge. Hence there is little risk of someone seriously harming themselves. People have the right and responsibility to decide what to do to their bodies. I do not see the risks of using the foot reflexology board higher than injuring yourself during any other sport or exercise.

Still, the manufacturer provides the ‘dont’s’ and contraindications, such as not to use or only after consulting a doctor 

  • if pregnant
  • after surgery, broken bones
  • when suffering fever or other illnesses
  • immediately after a meal
  • etc.

Look & Feel

When I first received my very own board, I had it stand against a wall for a couple of days. I was very busy and did not have to time to get to it at first. During those first few days, every visitor to my house made a positive remark on my newest ‘art piece’. How surprised people were when I explained what it really was. Anyway, the board looks lovely, with its all natural components. The light wood and white and grey pebbles are stylish. And the scent… to die for! Not sure you have been able to experience stone pine scent, but to me it is one of the finest scents there is in the world. 

Like mentioned above, I am rather easy with pressure to my feet, I am not ticklish and can stand on my board easily with no pain. I got very used to my board under my desk and do not want to miss it again!

Although each board is only to be used by the person it was made for – and my husband so not has the same shoe size as me – I made him try it out once. He also did not experience any pain. And compared the experience to our barefoot trail near our local Kneipp facility.

Stone & Pine in the Spa?

Hell, yes! To me, this is THE extra that spas can offer their guests and extend the spa guest journey! 

Fullbalance have already successfully introduced the boards (that also come in tile versions for wet areas) successfully in 5* hotel spas. 

I also see the boards in hotel bath rooms. Or in outdoor areas like gardens, in the wet area in front of the sauna, under office desks… the options are plenty fold!

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting