Jamela Skincare – where fun and beauty go together

Usually skin care and beauty routines aren’t exactly great fun, fun an beauty are no common match. My grandmother even used to say “who wants to be beautiful must suffer”, meaning beauty knows no pain…

Indeed, some procedures can actually be rather painful (just think of waxing) others boring, some indifferent, and some great fun.

This is how I experienced this one. It is the product test during which I have laughed most for sure. Fun and beauty at the same time! 

But let me tell you a little background info first

Launched in 2011, Jamela skincare ready-to-go facial masks are natural based and hyaluronic acid enriched, which I felt was a great match for the blog.

With the aim of offering a skin care range formulated with the most beautiful ingredients that nature has to offer, Eastern aesthetics and Western technologies have been paired.

Jamela skincare fun and beauty

The individually wrapped and ready-to-use masks are infused with collagen, anti-oxidants and vitamins, that can rapidly been absorbed by the skin.

Several lines for treating different skin types, such as the Gold Series or the overnight sleeping gel masks, offer a sophisticated facial@home experience and skincare.

The active ingredients stimulate collagen production, improve elasticity, increase circulation and aid in cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst firming and hydrating the skin.

My own experience of fun and beauty

So far so good. When my package arrives, I am exited to unwrap the different masks that I have been kindly sent from the UK. The smaller pack contains the precious and luxurious gold crystal collagen under-eye mask, that I had previously tried out some years back and remembered fondly.

Jamela skincare fun and beauty

The two larger pack contain two different full facial masks, one rose rejuvenating, and one a high protein anti-wrinkle. Both are from the Mineral/Botanical Face Mask range, that offers six different masks in total.

My sun-stressed skin is thirsty

I have done some sun bathing in the past weeks having been on a beach vacation and done quiet some summer hiking in the Austrian Alps. My sun-stressed skin is thirsty and I cannot wait to try the masks out.

I start with the gold crystal collagen under-eye mask (also called the ‘Golden Wonder’), and remember how easy to use they are. I just tear the top of the package open and apply the masks to my skin. Since they are lying in fluid in their pack, they are ‘slippery’ and easy to apply and readjust. 

Jamela skincare fun and beauty

They slip a little out of place whilst I am standing up due to gravity, however stay in place when I tilt my head backwards slightly or whilst I am lying down reading. Since the under-eye masks are small and super easy to handle, I am going to make them a travel companion on my next long-distance flight!

I did not exactly time this test phase, however assume it must have been just shy of an hour that I had kept them on. They did not change colour or texture at all, and I even put them back in their pack for a check the next day. 

My impression after use was that I have a more flawless, de-wrinkled, and de-puffed eye area, with an open look to my eyes.

Next the facial mask. As always I take a picture first and laugh out loud when I see the result: scary :-)!

And even worse when I put them on. I look scary and feel like Gail in ‘Scary Movie’… my husband and I have a great laugh!

Take a moment to sit back and relax

I use the rose rejuvenating full facial mask whilst soaking in the bathtub talking to a dear friend on the phone for seemingly hours…

Sitting back in the tub keeps the mask in place, I love the smell, the touch, the cooling and hydrating effect.

If I had to find a fault, I would say that the mask did not fit my face to 100% in size. The spare-out for my lips was not exactly in place. However that is a rather minor aspect. And surely the masks were not intended to be used during extensive chatting.

Jamela skincare fun and beauty

This is probably one of many good reasons why the manufacturer has designed masks for all different areas:

  • full face and under-eye like I have tested
  • the neck
  • the lips 
  • eye circle

with which one can target problem zones more specifically.

Jamela also offers 4 different overnight eye creams that I have not had a chance to try out yet. I am also still to test one of their eight different overnight gel facial masks. And the Intensive Hydrating Serum from the Lotus range.

Anyway, to come back to the outcome of my minifacial@home experience: 

I can tell an immediate effect, which is what you want! My skin was fresh, glowing, nourished, more toned, and re-hydrated. Jamela masks show how easy it can be!

Jamela skincare fun and beauty

What I like about Jamela under-eye and facial masks

My only critique: one size has to fit all (for the full facial mask only), but otherwise? Great!

  • compliant with EU safety regulations
  • non animal tested
  • contain no alcohol, animal oils or synthetic fragrances and passed the test on cosmeticanalysis.com
  • individually wrapped, hence ready to use anytime and anywhere
  • no risk of smearing product to the hairline like it can happen with cream masks
  • no risk of product running into eyes
  • easy to apply and remove, no residue to be washed off
  • fun and beauty are paired

All products are available online and shipped worldwide. I would love to hear from your experiences with these masks.

Jamela skincare fun and beauty