Always on the search for something special, I have thrown myself into a Spa Marathon in Dubai and checked out these 4 worth knowing Spas for you:

  1. In “The Address Dubai Marina“,

    a Business Hotel by the Marina, right next to the popular Marina Mall, I received a friendly greeting by the experienced Spa Manageress at the Spa Reception. The Spa had been awarded the 2014 Luxury Spa Award Spa.

    Spa in Dubai

    Spa in Dubai

    This Spa, as is common in the Middle East, is rather dark with little to no daylight, and even the interior such as the walls and furniture are kept in mostly darker shades of brown. This sobriety does well without playful decoration, and a search for kitsch is also in vain, thus the Spa matches the Business-look of the Hotel. The elegant Spa Menu in silver and black is very informative.


    My Highlight: 
    Great promotions, discounts and offers, which cater for the numerous non-hotel-resident guests, as the spa is – according to the Spa Manageress – frequented by about 70% outside guests, and not by mainly hotel gusts.

  3. Saray Spa“ at Marriott Marquis, the tallest hotel in the world!

    On my arrival, the hotel lobby resembled a circus, apparently there were large groups of travellers arriving and leaving. Additionally a conference took place, hence the corridors on lobby level were very busy.

    The Spa is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel and spaciously laid out, and I was warmly welcomed at the spa reception desk. There are great facilities here, such as heated stone beds in the spacious and airy relaxation room, and one of the most beautiful ham ams ever, as well as luxurious changing facilities.

    Otherwise, the spa is rather dark again, with heavy, dark curtains on the windows.


    Marquis Hammam - Spa in Dubai

    Marquis Hammam – Spa in Dubai

    And the roof top outdoor pool with clear views over Dubai towards mainland was fancy.

    My Highlight: A Floatation Pool with Dead Sea Salt Water (ladies only)

  4. Talise Ottoman Spa“ in Jumeirah Hotel Zabeel Saray, a very popular beach resort at the edge of the outer ‘palm’.

    I turn into Princess Leila walking down a long corridor towards the impressive Spa Reception desk, the palace-like building provides the ultimate ‘1001 nights ambience’!

    Here you can find opulent decoration in this luxurious spa with impressive facilities and services, such as the spacious Jacuzzi, which is laid out like a water pond in the courtyard of an Arabic villa, surrounded by lounge alcoves.

    Jumeirah Palm Spa in Dubai - Pool

    Jumeirah Palm Spa in Dubai – Indoor Pool


    Again, this opulent spa is rather dark according to local taste, and thus provides the ultimate cocoon feeling, while only the large and beautiful indoor pool enjoys lots of daylight through numerous windows.

    My Highlight for this ‘World Luxury Spa Award’ nominated Spa (category “Best Luxury Hotel Spa Continent Winner”): luxurious Arabic ‘1001 nights ambience’ to the core!

    Talise Spa in Dubai

    Talise Spa in Dubai

  5. Fairmont Hotel, The Palm offers resort character with Beach and Kids Club and hosts the “Willow Stream Spa“. 

    On the ground floor, near the ample pool area by the beach, there is a large Fitness Club, offering a large variety of services.
    Compared to other rather opulent Spas in Dubai, the Spa Reception Area and Facilities at the Willow Stream Spa make a rather modest and low-key impression.
    Worth highlighting is the so called “Cool Down Chamber”: this room at about 21 C degrees provides a welcome cool escape from the average 26 C degrees temperatures that we typically find in spas, with rare outside cool down opportunities in Dubai.

    Again, I was warmly welcomed by very polite and competent staff.
    The incredibly charming Spa Manageress Supriya is very passionate and has extensive work experience in the spa industry and in spa management.

    Fairmont Spa in Dubai

    Fairmont Spa in Dubai

    My Highlight: The light and airy atmosphere corresponding with the 4-Elements-Philosophy (earth, water, air, fire) of the spa provides a great change from the typically darker spas by competitors.
    The relaxation room offers glass doors opening up to open air balconies with relaxation or sun beds and a panoramic view over the sea.

    In this spa, I chose the 90 minute treatment “The Ultimate Detox Arabian Rasul”, promising a cleansing effect.

    The Spa Menu reads: “This full-body detoxifying experience targets areas prone to fluid retention and uneven skin texture. An argan granita body scrub exfoliates the skin, while a face and body mask removes impurities and improves skin tone and elasticity. After the clay is washed away, you’ll be treated to a stimulating full-body lymphatic massage.

    The oil-sand mixture with Jasmine scent for the body peeling LINK smelled very enchanting. The sand, which is responsible for the removal of dead skin cells during the peeling, felt rather bristle, however very effective, and my skin started glowing straight away!
    I washed off the healing-earth masks (from earth from the Atlas Mountains) in a private steam room – where I first allowed the mask to sit for awhile in comfortable body-warm temperatures –  under the shower head, which started automatically after a pre-set time.
    Following the 60 minute Full Body Massage, I was additionally spoilt with “Finishing Touches”: face and lip care.

    This fantastic and relaxing treatment is traditionally experienced by brides as preparation for the wedding ceremonies, and I would happily book the treatment over again!

Have you been to Dubai before and visited a spa?