What triggers people to leave their home countries and comfort zone by moving abroad for life and work in the Spa industry?

TalkWellness has had a chat with Sasakomol Chamchoy, who currently works as Spa Manageress in India.

Sasa, What made you enter the Spa Industry?

I come from a Sales & Marketing background. In 1995 I was hired by a hotel spa in Thailand, my home country. Back then, Spa concepts were not well developed, and rather unknown. To me, this presented a great opportunity for entering a new business field.

How long have you been working in India? How did you get there? What made you chose this location?

I have been working in India for about 5 years now. I was offered a position by ESPA to manage their first Spa in India at Udaipur. I took the opportunity because India has strong roots in Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and its cultures is “pure inspiration” – India’s wellness offerings are very unique and educational.  

Currently the Spa industry is growing rapidly in India and is attracting a lot of attention. Moreover, visitors come to India for wellness-based holidays, and spend time and again on Spa experiences, healthy eating, opportunities for personal growth, yoga and meditation, stress reduction and holistic health, among other experiences.

Spa Relaxation

In which countries have you been working so far?

I worked in 5 star hotel spas in Thailand for almost 10 years, and then I moved to the South Pacific, Middle East and then India.

Is there a particular country or area that you would like to work in in the future?

Yes, I visited Oman recently and I fell in love with the country and its people: I was fortunate enough to experience this small country with true Omani hospitality – it was unforgettable.

What have you learned by working in many different cultures? 

I have always worked in a cross-cultural environment and always connected with, and felt in sync with other people. I have learned to adapt to any environment in which I have worked – the increasingly obvious and inescapable aspect of our daily existence. Culture & society, the more I learn the more I find out about myself.

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What is your recommendation to others who would like to explore foreign countries?

It is easy to visit foreign places, but it’s a different story to live on the other side of the world away from everything you know.  One will face new challenges, become homesick, and after settling in and embracing a few lessons, one will start to grow in humility. I recommend you research about the culture and society before traveling. Once you start your journey you will learn how to be patient and how to ask for help. 

Living and working abroad is a trip that will profoundly change your life, your certainties and your fears. Remember “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS”. 

What are the major challenges in your current work environment? 

In India, processes differ and it feels that one needs a lot of patience for things to be done.

Attracting and retaining staff is a major operational challenge, plus job hopping is the norm, which makes operations reluctant to invest in staff training, which again has an impact on five star service quality.

Why should we visit India?

A growing number of wellness retreats and spas are cropping up across India. Visitors coming to India for wellness-based trips will often spend a fair amount of time visiting there, learning about the ancient arts of yoga and meditation, as well as Ayurveda (the Indian “science of life,” a system of traditional medicine) on an extended week or two-week long trip.  

Sasakomol Chamchoy

Sasakomol Chamchoy

Sasa, what is your personal Wellness tip? 

I kickstart my day with lemon water to revitalise the body & mind,  especially as it helps boost the immune system and combat skin ageing.

I’ve never skipped my breakfast as it gives me a lot of energy to move around the whole day. Exercise 3-4 times per week, get enough sleep, rest & relaxation by having a massage on occasion, and meditation before bedtime to restore balance to the body & mind, which I believe enhances overall health and well-being.  

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About Sasa:

Knowing Sasa personally myself, I am happy to give this testimonial about Sasa:

A beautiful warmhearted women, Sasa was a pleasure to work with. With over 18 years of experience in the health, leisure and spa industry, Sasa is highly professional in her field of work. 

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