The Stunning Spas in Kitz I: Spa-Rosa at A-Rosa Resort 

Happy news: during the Global Wellness Summit in Mexico in 2015, my adopted home Kitzbühel has been chosen as venue for this years GWS event.

All year round, Kitzbühel is stomping ground for local, regional and international athletes, high society, bon vivants, and all those, who enjoy the authentic ambience of a Tyrollean lifestyle. Events such as the (in)famous Hahnenkamm ski race, a Harley Davidson meeting, musical events – to name only a few – make this place very special.

With the Global Wellness Summit now taking place in Wellness-Country Tirol in October 2016, it is time to present the stunning Hotel Spas in the Kitzbuehel area that reflect a heavenly combination of a down-to-earth Tyrollean country lifestyle and modern spa luxury.

The Stunning Spas in Kitz I: Spa-Rosa at A-Rosa Resort

Award winning 5* A-Rosa Resort 

One of the best settled and perfected spa operations can be found on 3000 square meters within the award winning 5* A-Rosa Resort, built in the style of a castle on the sunny side of the Kitzbühel valley. The hotel is surrounded by a very well manicured 9 hole golf course, resembling a Japanese garden setting with majestic mountain views.

Unlike in other hotels, where spas can be ‘hidden away’ underground, spacious Spa-Rosa is located on the 3rd floor, providing not only daylight throughout the entire facility with great views for example from pool and relaxation areas, but also interminable supplies of the freshest of fresh air you can imagine!

The Stunning Spas in Kitz I: Spa-Rosa at A-Rosa Resort

My experience

Lovely staff members welcome me on arrival in the spacious reception area, surrounded by a spa shop, a Kérastase hair salon, and – unique in Austria – the Kanebo Sensai Lounge.

I am given a tour through the facility, during which 

  • I cannot wait to jump into the majestic pool
  • I am having a hard time deciding which of the 7 different heat experiences I want to try first
  • the Hamam and Rasul facilities immediately trigger a slight homesickness to Arabia
  • the waterbeds in the indoor relaxation room look too comfy to ever wanting to get out again
  • I learn that a great variety of treatments with products lines Sensai and St. Barth are offered in 22 beautiful treatment rooms
  • I regret not having brought a friend to try the luxurious private spa suite for two with private sauna, jacuzzi, waterbeds and a lounge terrace
  • I am impressed about the modern and professionally equipped fitness gym and studio with a group class schedule including activities such as Aqua Fitness, Body workout, EMS Training, Cross Fit, Stretching and more. 

On a previous occasion, namely the Yoga Festival in Kitzbuehel (which takes place annually at the A-Rosa and must not be missed!), I was able to get to know members, philosophy and facilities of the resident Yoga School, offering several high quality Yoga classes to Hotel and Day Spa guests daily.

The Stunning Spas in Kitz I: Spa-Rosa at A-Rosa Resort

Pool, Sauna, Relaxation

Centre piece of Spa-Rosa is certainly the magnificent indoor+outdoor pool, surrounded by cosy and comfy lounge chairs. The pool is heated throughout the year, which makes swimming pleasant even during times, in which the fantastic views over the mountains are blocked by silently falling snow flakes.

The Stunning Spas in Kitz I: Spa-Rosa at A-Rosa Resort

I like the layout of the facility, making the guest journey pleasant and effortless. After having changed in the spacious changing area, I head to the heat experiences.

Space, space and more space. What a great change to many of the hotel spas I usually visit, where every square inch seems to be made use of.

However, here at Spa-Rosa, space seems lavishly ‘wasted’, providing a sensation of freedom, eternity and air, which may also be granted to the fact of natural day light throughout the facility.

All 7 themed saunas and steam rooms are logically arranged around the central foot bath area, a sattee, and showers, with immediate access to a private outdoor lounge area.

The Stunning Spas in Kitz I: Spa-Rosa at A-Rosa Resort

One thing you need to learn before visiting Tyrol is the quality of our fresh air! A-Rosa hotel is located above Kitzbühel city, surrounded by pine forests, with gentle breezes streaming along… Just breathing our lovely fresh air is pure heaven!

Amongst the heat experiences at Spa-Rosa which offer several daily infusions and rituals, is the ‘black’ steam room (totally covered in black slate, with relaxing music providing a great reduction of stimuli for ultimate relaxation) and lovely Tyrollean wood style Saunas. I just can’t seem to get enough.

The Stunning Spas in Kitz I: Spa-Rosa at A-Rosa Resort

I am afraid I have to pass on the Hamam Separee with Rasul and tea lounge, and inspect the 22 spacious and well equipped treatment rooms, in which treatments and rituals from all over the world are offered; with lines such as Sensai and St. Barth:

  • facials and beauty treatments
  • massages (including Thai, hot stone, pregnancy and kids massage)
  • Ayurved treatments Abhyanga, Mukabhyanga, Pristhabyanga

I end my spa day in the spacious indoor relaxation area on one of the cosy water beds and deeply regret, that I am not nearly enough around to make one of their annual Spa Club memberships worth my while…


Spa-Rosa is a great concept, with well established operations, under passionate management. 

Spa programmes are developed detailed in depth and breadth, logically complementing each other.

Go see for yourself!

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

all pics (c) A-Rosa Resort Kitzbuehel