Therme Linsberg Asia

Having tested Therme Wien the other day, I am intrigued about getting to know further thermal spas in the Vienna area. 

I have to say, I find the about 40 min car ride to Bad Erlach to the Therme Linsberg Asia in the south of Vienna definitely worth it!

After exiting the Autobahn I ride for about 10 more minutes along a lovely country road, passing a Golf Course, horse stables and vast canola fields in full yellow blossom. Totally tuning me in to “Wellness Österreich”!

The Asia Resort Linsberg is surrounded by lovely woods, making it actually also a great starting point for hikes and bike rides.

Wellness Österreich

Yet today I want to get to know the spa, thus I skip the great outdoors and head from the spacious car park straight to the welcoming entrance, stepping over a broad walkway made from wooden planks.

At the check in desk I am greeting exceptionally friendly and am being provided with my chip band – which serves as locker key and cashless payment option throughout my visit – together with additional info about the facility, like this very useful map below.

spa days for 2

The frog-green changing area is spacious, clean and almost empty, I pick my locker and get ready.

The floor plan layout is actually not that difficult, even for a first-timer like me, the guest journey kind of flows naturally and I end up in the spa treatment area. 

Again I am welcomed in such a friendly way, that I almost feel like a regular. The spa manageress on duty shows me around, explaining the variety of facilities to me and I praise her beautiful, airy, and friendly treatment rooms. Of course there are couple suites, a private spa for up to 6 people (anyone a hen night coming up?), purpose rooms, a yoga studio and more…

I like the fact, that award winning natural skin care brand Panpuri from Thailand is being used for beauty treatments, complementing the Asian overall approach.

When opting for a treatment at the spa, check our their regular promotions, specials and packages, some great deals are available!

Therme Linsberg Asia

On my guided tour, I get a sneak peak to the hotel spa areas, reserved for hotel guests only. A light and spacious gym is on offer, and another area with heat experiences and relaxation beds, and a stunning indoor pool. Hotel guests have bathrobe access to all spa areas.

After my lovely time at the spa, I head to the public area with heat experiences, a little village of its own. Since this is a nude area according to European tradition, all facilities can be found that are also available in textile areas:

sauna, steam room, infrared, jacuzzi, lifestyle showers, outdoor pool and of course large in- and outdoor relaxation areas. 

Therme LInsberg Asia

As I am fortunate to have hit a warm and sunny day, almost all visitors enjoy the lovely gardens.

After relaxing in the steam bath (one of my favourites amongst heat experiences and never without my Spa Pad) I want to cool off in the pool. 

Thus I move on to another level, where I find large in- and outdoor pools with thermal water, textile saunas, more showers, relaxation areas,  and the restaurant. 

Therme Linsberg Asia

Since the warm thermal outdoor pool is busy with a group of water exercisers (shame, I miss class), I move to the lap pool with fresher temperatures and hence perfect for a vigorous swim. As I finish my swim, the water exercise class is over and I inspect the bubble makers and underwater massage jets in the warmer water. 

Maybe I am going to be in the mood for another group exercise class later, there are several activities offered throughout the day.

I find the overall atmosphere very calm and quiet, hardly any children around. Although there is an indoor baby pool, the entire facility is no fun park for children. I really like the Asian look and decoration, continuous but subtle, not overwhelming but constant.

After relaxing in one of the comfortable sun beds in the garden next to tall bamboo grass gently swaying in the wind, I reluctantly have to get on the way out again, for which however I take my time. I pass by the restaurant to take away a good cup of coffee first. I must not miss to check out the spa shop on the way out, with lots of little lovely oriental things. Maybe there is one amongst them that I cannot life without?

I may have mentioned it before: I prefer smaller and more intimate wellness offers, and I find the Therme Linsberg Asia an ideal size:

all offers that I would expect are available, without much chi-chi and trying to be something that their are not, by not being overly spread or duplicated. 

My highlight: truly friendly and helpful staff!

I DO have to go back and stay at the hotel for a weekend, I did not get a chance to see the hotel rooms nor the restaurant, which is said to be something else…

But even only for the day, the Therme Linsberg Asia is a wonderful getaway!

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting