Spa Review: Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

Do you remember Mandy’s article “Does travel need to be disruptive to our wellbeing”? 

Mandy rightly says: “Traveling is disruptive. Be it to our sleep, our diet, our work, our fitness routine, and if that travel involves crossing numerous time zones, our whole circadian rhythm.

So, on my return flight from a Yoga & Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka, I decided not to opt for the fastest connection but chose a transfer time of 6 hrs at Dubai airport.  I just felt that sitting on airplanes for hours and hours back to back would not do me good.

Instead I opted for the layover, giving me some time to hang out, do some shopping, have a tea and visit a spa.

Book online ahead of time

Spa Review: Timeless Spa Dubai AirportDubai Airport offers a variety of spa services, the major one being called Timeless Spa, whose outlets can be found in different locations, basically in all terminals. By the way, Timeless Spa Dubai airport services are not limited to First Class and Business Class travellers only.

I had a closer look at two of them, one which is located in the departure area of B gates (follow the hotel signs), the other one in the departure area of A gates (as you step out of the lift that brought you up from the train station, just walk across the hall and head for the escalators straight ahead of you, which also take you to Emirates First and Business Class Lounges.)

During a short transit time on my outbound flight 2 weeks before, I had already contacted the spa reception and made my reservation for a 120 minute package, however you could also do so online.

The Spa Menue is not extremely extensive, which I love. I hate when having to go through Spa Menus that are as thick as a trilogy novel book. Spas that focus on their core competencies have a competitive advantage.

Highly efficient check in procedures

So when entering the spa in the B gate area at the agreed date and time, I was welcomed very friendly and greeted by my name as I had been expected. The receptionist was remarkably efficient, I was asked to take a seat in the tiny welcoming area next to the reception desk, fill out a consultation form, and was provided with a hot towel. What I missed was a warm or heartfelt approach by the receptionist.

Sitting down gave me the opportunity to have a closer look around and I was rather disappointed: the overall ambience was not only outdated, but also furniture was chipped and rather run down. The atmosphere was not spa-like, but more business like, it felt a little hectic too.

Spa Review: Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

Product Display at Timeless Spa Dubai Airport



My treatment package included 2 free spa@home products, which were handed to me by the receptionist even before the treatment, and only explained very briefly: 

  • a pair of eye pads, soothing and cooling eye gel by
  • and a bottle of hair treatment oil by Davines by

I was then picked up by my therapist, who introduced herself and confirmed my treatment. She took me through a sliding door next to the reception desk to a short corridor with maybe 3 or 4 treatment rooms, of which we entered one: fully tiled in white from floor to walls, the room was bright and cool, reminding me of a hospital more than a spa.

As the room was very cold due to a centralised air conditioning system which did not allow for individual adjustment, my therapist offered to switch on a portable electric heater. The music was adequate and came from an iPad, there was a shower in the treatment room for my convenience. Unfortunately insulation of the room wasn’t efficient, I could hear all sorts of noises from the reception desk, from staff etc. The frosted glass sliding door was also not helping much in keeping noises out.

Above I noticed that most of the shiny surfaces like mirrors, tabs and glass did not seem well cleaned or polished.

If you are a spa professional you may be interested in my article about tangible evidence at this point of reading.

Spa Review: Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

Waiting Area at Timeless Spa Dubai Airport


Good Service

Yet I have to say the service was good, as were the treatments, a full body oil massage (including some foot reflexology) and a mini Babor facial. 

My mini facial included treatment of face and neck, yet not the décolleté. After 2 cleanses and exfoliation, I was given a very nice face massage, followed by application of products. I liked my friendly therapists skilled fingers, her grip was firm, which I like. My skin was grateful for some extra hydration during this journey, yet in general I prefer natural skin care products to conventional products.

When my treatments were finished, I checked out, payment by credit card is offered.

I then headed to the Spa in the A gate area, where I wanted a much needed pedicure after 2 weeks in the Sri Lankan jungle…

much needed pedicure after 2 weeks in the jungle... before and after

much needed pedicure after 2 weeks in the jungle… before and after

Again I was met with the same efficiency at the reception desk, and I cannot make up my mind if the receptionists was simply friendlier or if the nicer surroundings made her look like. 

She even asked me if I wished to settle my bill beforehand, knowing that I would have to rush after the treatment for my flight departure.

On making reservations or arrival at the spa, you are always asked for your boarding pass, so that the spa staff can have an eye on your time schedule and assist in not missing your flight.

The two experiences could not have been more different with regards to the facilities. 

The outlet in the A gate area is pretty new and much more luxurious and spacious. My therapist Mylene took me through a long corridor with several treatments rooms on either side, to a room with a comfortable massage chair with built in foot spa.

Treatment Room at Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

Treatment Room at Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

Mylene worked very precisely and thoroughly, she was fast and efficient, as well as friendly and caring.

My only comment would be that I also noticed stains on all shiny surfaces. I wonder what the spa cleaning procedure looks like?

Always opt for the Spa in A gate area

Timeless Spa being located in different area gives the traveller the choice of opting for the spa which is located nearer his or her departure gate. 

Yet I highly recommend to always opt for the one in A gate area if time allows. The commute by train is only a couple of minutes and the spa is located centrally, so not too much walking involved. The facilities in A gate area are so much more convenient and nicer compared to B gate area, which changes the overall spa experience.


I felt great having been able to freshen up and relax in between two flights, which made my travel day overall much more comfortable. 

Treatments quality, therapist skills and reception efficiency get my thumbs up!

I definitely prefer this way of travelling, and will visit Timeless Spa in A gate area again when transiting through Dubai airport. 

Watch out for their packages or promotions, overall I perceived their services a little pricy.

wishing you safe travels at all times

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting