Asquith London active yoga & pilates wear – making a positive impact on the world

I am no fashion girl or beauty blogger. 

When it comes to my private wardrobe, attributes like comfortable, sporty, simple, and homely describe me best, much more than elegant or glamorous.

Having been an active aerobic/fitness/yoga teacher for 20 years, I have been in and out of sports clothes and yoga & pilates wear a lot. 

I know exactly which fabric itches when you sweat, which ones show, what colours were drowned in chemicals, which buckles hurt during exercises, what string cuts the flesh and how long those seems will last… Nothing worse than wear that restricts you in your movements as much as in your comfort and piece of mind.

Comfort and functionality in active wear are the areas I consider myself an expert, everything else I usually leave to individual taste, fashion dictate and need of target customers.

Yet there is one more aspect I am adding to my purchasing decisions: I look for eco / green / organic and sustainable products.

Ethically made in the best quality

I first heard about the brand Asquith London whilst working in Scotland in 2006 and since then I have continuous respect for the founder’s vision and evolved yoga & pilates wear line.

I was looking for luxurious brands ethically made for my spa shop in a highly upmarket hotel spa at the time and immediately fell in love with Alice and Asquith London.

Founded in 2002, Alice – founder and creative director – focused from the beginning that her active yoga & pilates wear was ethically made in the best quality, eco friendly fabrics that were as soft as they were hardwearing.

This is why every piece works as well on the yoga or pilates mat as they do off, assisting you in creating your own personal yoga personality. 

True yoga wear for real yoga people by authentic yoga minds 

The brand’s promises root deeply in yoga practise: yamas and niyamas, the yoga’s principles for living, form the foundation:

  • the activewear is made from fabrics that are ethically grown, chemical free and sustainable
  • commitment to supporting organic production
  • durable design that last long which is better for the consumer and the planet
  • no compromise of human conditions for profit in their manufacturing facilities in Turkey
  • commitment to recycling and recyclable packaging
  • no animal products or animal testing
Turkey factory photo-1-1

Alice at the factory in Turkey

Alice says: “My greatest ambition is that you feel amazing wearing our clothes; they have been made in the most positive way I can find and with great love!”

I have some pieces of Alice’s collection on my desk as I write this article, and I have to stop typing over and over again to  be able to touch the soft fabric and hold it against my cheeks to feel this glamour in simplicity.

Lovely small details like little shiny dots, stretchy strings or broad hems that hold the piece of wear exactly in its place, support the elegant style and elfin beauty.

Autumn Winter Stardust Collection with new fabric Bambor™

Asquith’s latest AW Stardust Collection has been launched after considerable research and development of a new fabric  called Bambor™. Bambor™ is a natural, performance fabric made with a blend of bamboo viscose, organic cotton and elastane which provides a snug fit that moulds to the body. It wicks away sweat, feels soft against the skin and provides excellent stretch capabilities, with no bagging or wrinkling. Unlike synthetic performance fabrics, it’s ethically made, chemical free, sustainable and has been Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified. The self depreciation totally suits the yoga philosophy.

From testing Asquith yoga & pilates wear myself, I am happy to confirm that  this is the best fabric for yoga and Pilates practice, but also to wear as part of an everyday wardrobe, on a plane, at the coffee shop or picking up the kids from school.

Asquith yoga & pilates wear in your Spa – how to become an Asquith lover

Asquith collections are available online and in yoga & Pilates studios, luxury hotels & spas and eco boutiques in 12 countries worldwide.

Additionally Asquith is devoted to foster active relationships with yoga and Pilates teacher around the world, for example by

  • special teacher discounts of 25% on the entire range
  • a personalised code to share with students, family and friends for 15% discount
  • promotions of your news on the Asquith Blog, FB and directory

To find out about how you can partner with Asquith, or more information please contact Katie.

AA portrait-SA



“I had no idea at the time that yoga and Pilates would become so popular. It’s wonderful to see how much more aware of our health and wellbeing we’ve become.”

Alice Asquith,




pictures by Alice Asquith