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My passion for wellness was present very early on in life. I have been fortunate to make it my profession for a lifetime. I have been in the industry for 30 years, working as

  • Aerobic Trainer ‘train-the-trainer’ with the German Fitness & Aerobic Association

  • Yoga teacher

  • Heath Club Manager

  • Spa Manager

  • Spa Director

  • Tutor for Management courses

  • Spa Consultant

on three different continents (Europe, Africa, and Asia) , where I have lived and worked in such exotic countries like Tanzania and Kuwait. I hold a diploma in Spa & Wellness Management from a renowned business school in Germany and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Liverpool. I support global player INHOCO Group as Senior Advisor Spa & Wellness and am tutor for management courses at International Business Schools. I also appreciate the opportunity to give back and guide the future of the industry by being a mentor at the Global Mentorship Program.

Nature, healthy food, sustainability and travelling (most of the time accompanied by my labrador) are dear to me. To me, Wellness includes all of those activities in life which allows me to gain mindfulness, inner peace and well being.

I hope to engage with people who live around the globe and trust you will find my articles easy enough to understand as I have done myself. I am not native English speaker and apologise for any awkward or odd sounding phrases. These articles come from my heart – not from automated translation engines.

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What others say about me

I have got to know Anja as a true professional who adds great value to our client’s opportunities and projects. She has assisted us on a number of projects in Europe, Africa and Middle East, all with terrific feedback and satisfaction.
– Rupprecht Queitsch, CEO Inhoco Group

Ms Keller is an inspiring teacher and incredible person, who enlightened my colleagues and me with her extensive spectrum of experience and her passion about spa and management. Her passion, not only inspires us, but it also motivates us in achieving our goals and to live our dreams.
– Romina Hopfer, Student BA (Hons) Hospitality Management

Anja has been instrumental in the launch of our spa management online programme
– Sybil Hoffmann, President at Alpine Center, Swiss Business School for Hotel & Tourism Management

The author is taking great care in the preparation of articles, but makes no express or implied warranty of any kind to the reader. She assumes no responsibility to the reader for errors or omissions. The author shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of the information contained herein. Products, activities and therapies described in this blog are solely based on personal experience and are no substitute for medical advise.

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