a Spa Mystery Check analyses every touchpoint of a spa with its customers from the customer viewpoint. This is typically performed undercover, I mean unidentified and unannounced.

A Spa Audit should include a Mystery Check, however goes beyond by the analysis of data, such as booking pace, occupation rate etc. This way it includes an overall business performance audit by including the provision of hard data. 

Yet simply reviewing data is insufficient in providing excellent service and understanding spa guest’s needs. That’s why I recommend the combination of Check and Audit. For an audit, cooperation of staff is needed, thus undercover work is difficult. Hence typically an undercover Mystery Check is performed before an Audit.

A Spa Review is a form of public recommendation, and can be paid for, sponsored, or unpaid. It also includes customer revoiews, for example what other guests do when posting pictures of a Spa’s pool on Instagram, or using the ‘…. just checked in at xyz spa…’ feature on Facebook. My professional Spa Reviews include an article on my website and posts on Social Media. They are a form of advertising. Although I also describe my visit from the guest’s point of view, this is not to be confused with the Spa Mystery Check. 

With an external view, I provide detailed knowledge and industry insight. Professional Interim Spa Management.

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