7 Top Personal Wellness Tips by Wellness Professionals

I have had the pleasure of interviewing lots of great people from the spa & wellness industry in the past (and hope to continue to do so in the future).

My last question to each interviewee is always:

What is your personal wellness tip?

Today, I am compiling the top 7 answers from great spa people.

Be inspired!

Personal Wellness Tip # 1

“I would say “breathe properly”!

Without breath nothing is possible. We get good prana out of it and also good supply of oxygen.

Breathing is more important than any Asana. When you exhale, you are letting go. If you hold your breathe, injuries can happen.

Padma Nair Yoga

Padma Nair Yoga

Make it like a routine, even during work for example, just breathe consciously. It doesn’t always have to be an exercise.” 

Padma Nair, Less effort, more comfort


Personal Wellness Tip # 2

“My personal wellness tip is really nothing out of the ordinary. Enough sleep, not too much sun, healthy diet and a fair amount of exercise. But foremost the body has an amazing ability to tell you when something isn’t good for you, so just listen to it!” 

beautician therapist



Maria Remneus, Share your story: Maria


Personal Wellness Tip # 3

“One of the most important problems in many modern societies is that people “live to work” instead of “working to live”. By allowing our job to become our whole life, there is no time left to have fun and then stress overcomes all our healthy emotions. 

If I were to give a tip to all people reading this then it would be something like: Eat healthy, sleep like a baby and do not forget to have some fun!”
Spiros Gaitanidis


Spiros Gaitanidis, Eat healthy, sleep like a baby and don’t forget to have some fun



Personal Wellness Tip # 4

“Prevention is much better and easier than treatment, for example maintaining weight is better than trying to lose the weight after you gained it!”

Spa Manager in Dubai


Ghassan Amer, Spas in Dubai become more part of a wellness lifestyle’ says Ghassan, Spa Manager in Dubai


Personal Wellness Tip # 5

“As our ancestors said thousands of years ago: “Healthy mind in Physical Health’’. “



Whatever we do in our lives deserves love and 100% dedication’ says Stavros, Spa Manager in Greece


Personal Wellness Tip # 6

“My wellness tip would be: Listen to your body and do what feels best for you.”

Alexander Ivanov


 “I didn’t think twice” Alexander Ivanov, Spa-Manager in Bhutan


Personal Wellness Tip # 7

I kickstart my day with lemon water to revitalise the body & mind,  especially as it helps boost the immune system and combat skin ageing.

I’ve never skipped my breakfast as it gives me a lot of energy to move around the whole day. Exercise 3-4 times per week, get enough sleep, rest & relaxation by having a massage on occasion, and meditation before bedtime to restore balance to the body & mind, which I believe enhances overall health and well-being.  

Sasakomol Chamchoy

Sasakomol Chamchoy


’Culture & society, the more I learn the more I find out about myself’. Sasakomol Chamchoy, Spa Manager in India



Do you also work in the spa/wellness/health industry? Do you have a story that you would like to share? Please send me an email to anja@talkwellness.at. I would love to hear from you!

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