Review: Vinoble Cosmetics

After experiencing two wine & wellness themed beautiful short trips to Weinrefugium Brolli and LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort, I think it is time to talk more about vino therapy and grape based skin care.

product review Vinoble Cosmetics


In this case I am particularly fond of “Made in Austria” which to me is very much wine & wellness country.

And a skin care brand that offers excellent professional spa products has my attention straight away!


The Southern Styrian brand VINOBLE Cosmetics is a success story since 2005, offering a variety of retail and professional product ranges, such as 

  • classic face care derma aesthetics
  • sun protection 
  • and men care products. 

Founder Louise Köfer says: “We use high-quality essences and extracts treated with care in specifically developed recipes, that we have created ourselves. We have met with the idea of vino therapy and developed further. In 15 years of scientific research, our team investigated active ingredients in grape seeds together with other experts. Thus we were able to develop new natural skin care products and treatment concepts, based on latest findings.”

Which ingredients make ‘vino products’ so powerful?

Active ingredients in all VINOBLE products form the concept of the “magic five”:

  • OPC (oligomere Proanthocyanidine), the ‘body guard’, is an antioxidant against free radicals
  • Reservatrol, the fountain of youth, is an anti ageing active component, particularly from red grapes, which supports the skin and nourishes with fatty acids
  • Stem cells, the visionaries, work into the deeper layers of the skin. They protect from damage caused by light and improve the skin’s texture in general.
  • Grape seed oil: a skin care professional. The light green oil has been know as a powerful instrument for wounds, burns, or cracked skin for ages and until today is highly valued in cosmetics due to its antioxidant effect
  • Viniferin: the slimming regime, calms and soothes the skin, enhances blood circulation and improves lipid catabolism in cells.

Of course all products are free of parabenes, paraffins, silicons, artificial colours, mineral oils, hormone activating substances, aluminium or nanoparticles, are not animal tested and to 100% vegan, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about them in the first place.

product review Vinoble Cosmetics

Newest Releases

Their newest releases are the VINOBLE DD Creme and the VINOBLE Anti Ageing Soft Cream, part of the Derma Aesthetics series.

Two main ingredients promise anti ageing properties: 

  • vegan grape stem cells support regeneration of the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid rehydrates and supports firmness

I have tried both products personally:

The Anti Ageing Soft Creme is highly efficient in supporting supporting the skin’s natural beauty. The novel feathery texture works very well in combination with the DD cream.

If I had to find fault with the Soft Cream, it would be that I did not like wearing it for a workout. I have mentioned before that my eyes do not tolerate cream around them LINK as cream crawls into my eyes and blurs my vision. I think that is what happened during my workout early morning, straight after applying the cream…

product review Vinoble Cosmetics


The DD Cream is a slightly tinted and thicker cream which leaves a hint of luxury on the skin, the perfect morning pick-me-up.


I had to get used to applying the DD cream successfully, but now really like the natural look of it. It makes an excellent every day foundation with a sun protection factor of 30.

Together with the Mini Lifting Face Treatment, Luise and her team have won the SPA Diamond Award 2015!

product review Vinoble Cosmetics

Professional Line

What they say about themselves:

Vinoble offers a unique spa experience supported by vino therapy. Vinoble rituals are more than simply treatments, but an investment into health and beauty.

Well then, what is special about the professional line? Certainly the Vino Peel Off Facial Mask with precious polyphenol, or the modellage mask which transports active ingredients particularly deep into the skin. Complementing treatments can only be performed by a trained beautician and are highly effective.

Training dates at their very own training centre can be found on the website.

Vinoble covers the entire range of treatments for a professional spa: from pedicure or facials with fruit acids over vino therapeutic body treatments to classic massages or peelings.

product review Vinoble Cosmetics

Hotel room amenities for a well rounded overall guest experience

But the spa brand VINOBLE Cosmetics not only caters for the spa treatment room: 

three different collection, the VINOBLE Barrique, VINOBLE wine flower and VINOBLE composition offer the following guest amenities for the hotel room, for a well rounded overall guest experience:

  • liquid soap
  • hair & body shampoo
  • body cream
  • body wash
  • conditioner

product review Vinoble Cosmetics

An excursion to the history of vino therapy

The gift of the gods

Vines are one of the oldest plants in human history. Already in Egypt, antique Athens or Rome – for more than 2000 years now – people would know about the healing properties of grapes.

The sumptuous ingredients in seeds and juice replenish the skin and supply a glowing complexion.

It is said, that the father of medicine, Hippocrates, used wine as medicine, grape seed oil was used to heal burn wounds.

A statement I can confirm from my own experience: I once took a trip to Provence in South of France in September for the grape harvest. We would cut the grapes off the vines with sharp clippers, and after a few hours in the mediterranean sun, I would become tired and sleepy and lacking in concentration…. and tac! … cut my fingers. Other more experiences cutters recommended to use a few fresh grapes and squeeze their flesh and juice on my cut. It certainly did not take the pain, yet considering the most unhygienic circumstances, it is amazing that my cuts would never inflame and heal within a day or two.

Cleopatra is said to not only bath in milk every day but also supported her beauty with grape juice.

In France, at the court of King Ludwig XIV., courtiers are said to have used grape juice on their facial skin to provide a glowing complexion.

The cold press procedure to win grape seed oil is elaborate, which may be a reason why the cosmetic knowledge was almost forgotten over the years. 

Only towards the end of the 20th century, the powers of the grape were re-discovered and proven by french scientists.

If you are interested in the brand for your salon, spa or hotel, please feel free to get in touch with Luise by email:

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