Product Review: Regulat® Beauty natural skin care

I am very happy that the days are over where ‘bio organic’ meant frumpish and out of fashion.

Nowadays we find some pretty hip organic skin care brands on the market, offering it all: stylish and organic, meaningful and fashionable, chic and sustainable.

There are actually some pretty stylish and interesting new brands from Scandinavian countries, I am busy working on presenting some of them to you soon.

Today I would like to talk about Regulat® Beauty, vegan system cosmetics from Germany, that has just recently launched their professional line for treatment rooms.

The term ‘Regulat®’ stands for a unique active ingredient, that the company have patented. This substance has an anti inflammatory effect, enhances blood circulation of the skin, detoxifies, and enhances penetration of further ingredients.

Regulat Beauty natural skin care is produced in a unique and secret manufacturing process, called ‘cascade fermentation’ by which the company have first launched the Regulat® Essence, a liquid dietary supplement made from fresh fruit, nuts, and vegetables from organic farming.

Regulat Beauty natural skin care

The combination of Regulat® and natural hyaluronic acid, the cosmetic achieves a significant increase of cell energy (ATP), brings vitality and rejuvenating enzymes into action, and regulates ph value, all leading to an antioxidant, immune regulating and calming effect.

All their certified natural products leave a lovely feeling on the skin, have a pleasant and unobtrusive smell and are hypoallergenic:

  • anti ageing lifting serum
  • day creme
  • anti ageing extra rich cream
  • night repair creme
  • anti ageing eye cream
  • excellent cleansing foam 
  • energetic facial tonic 
  • wonderful mousse – extra rich
  • brilliant moisturiser

Why organic skin care in the spa?

The band width of products in the market is immense, spas have a great variety of choices when choosing a product brand for their spa.  Careful brand screening is important, and an organic skin care line that complements the spa’s philosophy and matches the target guest’s needs and demands should always be considered for many reasons:

  • more spa guests wish for immediate effects without invasive methods
  • they are interested in sustainable, green, natural and organic lifestyles and seek such philosophies in spas
  • consumers and spa guests are educated and informed about manufacturing methods and ingredients
  • spa guests expect experiences with products that please the senses
  • natural organic skin care lines often offer spiritual aspects such as indigenous ingredients (see vino therapy)

organic skin care

What about professional use of Regulat® Beauty natural skin care?

To start with, there is no minimum order volume, which gives the spa great flexibility in responding to occupancy. 

The retail products provide good profit margins, testers and samples are available, as well as point-of-sale material.

Currently there are four of the products available in 200 ml size professional for the treatment room: anti ageing lifting serum, anti ageing day creme, anti ageing night repair creme and extra rich creme.

Regulat Beauty natural skin care

A facial mask is in development, which will be complementing the professional range, and the company is working on unique treatment protocols which will be implemented soon.

A couple of day spas and salons are using the professional line in the south of Germany, amongst them is well known “Die kleine Theatiner Parfümerie” in Munich.

I have tested some of the products myself

Of course I would never write about products that I have not tried for myself.

The anti ageing lifting serum is a light and almost colourless product that came in pretty handy during this extreme summer we have experienced in Europe. The very light texture enhances the feeling of immediate refreshing and moisturising on application. A real express de-wrinkler! Since I like gel-like textures, this is one of my personal skin care favourites. I use the serum morning and night, both before applying the respective cream.

The nourishing day creme penetrates the skin easily without leaving a greasy film. It provides a good base for make up and foundation. The skin is thus well protected from harmful environmental effects. The day cream leaves my skin glowing!

The night repair creme is richer than the day creme. I can use it as day care for my dry skin, focussing on skin repair with natural oils.

Regulat Beauty natural skin care



The anti ageing extra rich cream is exactly what it promises: rich! Makes a great night care or SOS for dry skin!





I found all of the products easy to apply from their pump dispensers in clean and modern looking containers. The scents are all very light and pleasant and do not compete with my eau de toilette.

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

You may also be interested in the company’s nutricosmetics and beauty supplements. I have written an article here.

If you are interested in the brand for private or professional use, please do not hesitate to contact their customer service by phone +49 (0)89 66 07 97 37 or email