[Comfort Zone] – science based beauty

Skin Care from Italy! Finally and surely a first on TalkWellness. Not sure why I haven’t written about [comfort zone] and their science based beauty approach before. I have always liked the look of the products, the philosophy, and of course the products themselves.

The Company

Pretty much 20 years ago, [comfort zone] was born to an Italian family named Bollati.

What started as a research laboratory and manufacturing site for the development of high quality formulas, the company has grown into an internationally recognised supplier for spa products and home care.

Visionary President Dr. Davide Bollati, a pharmacist and cosmetic chemist, has always had a commitment to excellence.

science based beauty Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

The Philosophy – science based beauty

I truly like the holistic thought behind [comfort zone] skincare, the company with Italian roots yet a multicultural vision: 

‘we consider skin as the mirror of our mental wellbeing, physical state, and the daily choices we make.’

They do not see themselves solely as a skin care manufacturer but also promoter for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Is that why their product brochure is called ‘Lifestyle and skin care guide’, which contains topics such as ‘what is stress? and nutritional advise?


Spa Geek Knowledge – the B Corporation®

Comfort Zone is part of B Corporation®, a global network of people that use business as a force for good. This certification shows high standards of environmental and social performance.

2000 certified B Corporations® from more than 130 industries and 50 countries have 1 unified goal: to redefine success in business.

My Product Test

I have received a cute little cotton pouch with a great variety of testers. The design of the pouch is very beachey in blue and grey colours, and I can’t wait to use it in summer for my mobile, cosmetics, and coins.

With my skin being rather dry, I have opted for the Discovery Kit from the Hydramemory Line, with

science based beauty Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Renight cream, nourishing vitamin cream

This complete night cream for the face contains organic Goji berry oil, hydrolysed tomato  (here are the Italian roots!), and hyaluronic acid. Suitable to all skin types, it suited my dry skin very well. Further ingredients are Macadamia oil and vitamin E. 

The pleasant almost odourless and rich white cream absorbs fast and leaves a soft and velvety feeling on the skin. However I did not have the specific promised ‘feeling of comfort at waking up’. Instead I had the usual dry feeling of my skin in the morning, that I have with any other product too. 

Hydramemory mask, immediate effect hydrating mask

To me, a gel mask is the perfect mask for summer. I keep my masks in the fridge prior to application which gives my skin an extra refreshment.

And this mask with macro hyaluronic acid ticks everything:

  • absorbs in just 3 minutes – check
  • gel ‘sorbet’ texture – check
  • immediate sensation of freshness and intense hydration – check
  • permits layering further products such as serum or cream
  • contains fair trade Moringa oil

This is a true instant pick-me-up and refresher boost, which I will add to my list of all time favourites. Actually I am going to take this mask on my next flight.

Hydramemory cream gel, 24 hr double hydration cream gel

This cream gel has an innovative light “sorbet” texture that immediately quenches the skin. It provides hydration thanks to macro hyaluronic acid that maintains the skin elasticity and softness, fair-trade Moringa Oil rich in vitamins and antioxidant to preserve a balanced skin hydration. Additionally contains a blend of natural extracts from apple, lentil, and watermelon rind.

I can never say no to an oil or a gel, and could not wait to try this one out. Yet it is probably the one I would use least out of the five products I am presenting today. The creme gel gives me the ‘cremed’ feeling, and I am no great fan of cremes. However beauty science research says that the creme increases the hydration of the skin after 24 hours by +13% and decreases transepidermal water loss after one hour by also almost 13%. So if you are into cremes, this one may be for you?

Hydramemory serum, 24 hr hydration boosting serum

The serum is, like the mask, of white colour, and has like most of the products a lovely and very decent scent. Other than the mask, the serum is just a little ‘oilier’, which makes it easy to apply and absorbed by the skin.

It contains biomimetic fragments of hyaluronic acid, which provides hydration. 

Again, the ‘sorbet’ texture makes for a nice and long lasting sensation of freshness. By the way, 96% of ingredients are of natural origin! 

Tranquillity blend, indulging aromatic relaxing oil 

is the signature fragrance with cedar wood and sweet orange, created for profound relaxation and harmony anytime of the day. Based on aromatherapy, this anti-stress oil promotes mental and physical wellbeing. Further ingredients are rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, geranium essential oil and vetiver essential oil. Due to its prominent scents, the oil can also be used as perfume or added to a body cream.

OMG! what a scent! the blend of sweet orange and sandalwood works perfect! this is truly a rich, exotic and luxurious scent. Makes you wish you could drink it… I added a few drops to my bath which made for an ultimate relaxing experience.

Conclusion: love it!

You can check out the spa locator on their website to see if there is a spa near you that carries [comfort zone].