The Park Hyatt Dubai Creek is not a brand new development and maybe exactly this very aspect is one of the reasons, why I was so impressed after my visit for this spa review at Amara Spa

Travelling through a secret tunnel to a different world

At the time of my visit, I was staying at a busy business hotel in noisy downtown Dubai, in the shadow of Burj Khalifa. Towards the end of my approximately 20 minutes taxi ride to Amara Spa, the car entered a long driveway, almost like a secret tunnel to a different world, escorted by lush tropical plants and luxurious villas.

The hotel lies within a true oasis, there seems to be no more connection to the busy world outside, but only tranquility, bird songs, tropical flowers…

Amara Spa Dubai

I walked up to the spa under bougainvillea covered patios, passing refreshing water features, what a short yet beautiful walk!

My first impression of the entrance/reception/retail area of the Spa was ‘spacious”, and this has probably been one of my highlights throughout the entire visit: the very generous treatment areas, of which I will speak later.


Professional and well trained staff

I was expected and welcomed by my name by a very professional and well trained receptionist, who checked me in and escorted me to the changing area. Although this may not have been the most spacious area, I felt very comfortable and did not miss a thing:

  • sauna and steam room
  • turnkey lockers with luxurious bathrobes, comfy slippers, extra towels, jewellery boxes
  • a variety of amenities such as hairspray, shampoo, deodorant etc
  • drinking water

Spa Review

After changing, I awaited my therapist in the quiet garden, a outdoor courtyard with comfortable relax beds surrounding a uplifting water feature, located next to a comfortable seated waiting area, where guests can help themselves to some lemon water.

Spa Review

When being picked up, again I was welcomed warmly and my therapist not only introduced herself and made agreeable conversation, she also confirmed my treatment – the Amara Signature Massage – and explained further.

Treatment rooms with outstanding features

My treatment room – as mentioned before – was amazing: very spacious and equipped with great variety, making it totally suitable to spend a few nights even. However I was not to make myself comfortable just yet, but was asked to step outside through a floor lengths glass door into my very own private courtyard, surrounded by white walls and lush vegetation, including a cushion covered Zanzibar-style bench and outdoor shower. 


This combination of indoor and outdoor areas makes the entire facility airy and light, weaving elements together.

I was invited to enjoy my introductory foot bath during which my therapist took the opportunity to discuss important aspects, such as the massage pressure, any contraindications, my preference for tea after the treatment, my preference for music choice (for which I was invited to choose from a menu).

I was then guided to the treatment table inside, and my therapist took great care in respecting my modesty when I settled down.


Spa Review

The massage was skilful handcraft

The massage was a very nice and successful blend of a variety of massage techniques from different areas. What stood out for me were the long and slow repetitive moves, that my therapist would very skilfully execute, which reminded me of a Hawaiian massage and being highly relaxing. After the treatment, I learned that a special massage oil blend is being used for this signature massage.

I was very close of begging “please not just yet…” when she performed her finishing moves after finishing off with a head massage. However being invited back to my out-of-the-world outdoor courtyard was tempting and I took my time to enjoying my house blend herbal tea there.

Spa Manager in Dubai

Overall a flawless guest journey

Looking back I can say that the entire guest journey was an undisturbed flow, very well executed by highly trained spa staff. The processes visible to the guest were all flawless, meaningful and comfortable, which shows that the spa has been managed and operated successfully for some time. Time for ‘rehearsing’ protocols, thus providing the ultimate service experience,  provides a spa & wellness business with the competitive advantage.

Unfortunately time did not allow me for using the lovely outdoor pool or the well equipped fitness centre. I even had to turn down the invitation for an outdoor yoga class later that day.

Read the interview with the spa manager

I was highly pleased when I had the chance of meeting  the charismatic spa manager Ghassan for an interview, who spoke very passionately about his spa, explaining me the overall idea and vision.

All too soon I had to say my good byes, but knowing I have found a spa haven and possibly a new spa friend has lifted my spirits with the thought, that I would be back soon again for sure!

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