What is a treatment Spa? 

I am about to discover if I am going to unlock an Eastern Shore Hideaway. And try out their Linden Spa, what I call a treatment spa.

Lucky me, I get a chance to spend two nights at the Inn at Perry Cabin in the colonial seaport town of St Michaels. The hotel is a Belmond property with a charming history.

Aaaaah, the Chesapeake Bay. 

Just by picturing Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the way of coastal living, my heartbeat lowers by at least 5 bpm.

Heavy and comfortable loungers sitting on wooden waterfront decks, from which you can admire the kitschiest sunsets…

Cosy nights by indoor or outdoor fireplaces, roasting sticky marshmallows…

Sailing, paddling, or kayaking on the Miles River…

Admiring the wildlife, the peace and tranquility…

Yes, its all there, for real, not just in my imagination.

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The Hotel Room

We were lucky to have a second floor suite with a deck access and private outdoor sitting area, facing the bay.

Lovely bathroom size (amenities by Aromatherapy Associates), huge comfy bed, and a little lounge area provided us with the space we needed for our three day getaway.

My mistake: I opened the French door at night, which was an open invitation to all sorts of flying and crawling beings.

treatment spa Anja Eva Keller Petruccelli TalkWellness

Linden Spa, a treatment Spa

Well, the core of my every review. 
The Linden Spa is what I call a ‘treatment spa’. 

I checked in at a very small reception area, with a little spa shop next to it. The receptionist was efficient, yet not overly friendly or empathetic. A Spa Attendant took me to the locker room. She was young and obviously very new, shown by her insecurity. She handed me a robe and slippers, and somehow explained the lock system. However I got confused and had to double check later with another member of staff.

You can enjoy a small heat experience in the changing area, and then proceed to the so called relaxation area. However there is not much of a quiet atmosphere, as therapists come in all the time to get refreshments and neck pillows for their guests. The outdoor part, a little loggia area, was nice and quiet though.

Yet I loved the herbs wall paper in the small relax room, that held just sufficient recliner chairs for all present guests.

My therapist picked me up from the relax room and took me to a small massage room. Nothing special about it, the table was comfortable, the room around the table spacious enough for the therapist to move around, and that’s it really.

I have to say that I was very pleased with my treatment full body massage. My therapist was skilled, well trained and experienced. I felt safe and comfortable with her.

After the massage I went back to the relax room to sip on a tea and to enjoy the warmth of my neck pillow. And there the experience ends. You basically go in, have your treatment, and go back out – a treatment spa.

The Gym

The first floor of the Spa Building with separate entrance hosts the gym, with adequate equipment and size.

The Outdoor Pool

I was very lucky to have always been one of very few guests around the heated outdoor pool. Sufficient loungers, umbrellas, a pool bar and service. What else do you need after a round of Golf at the nearby Links course (no, I am not a golfer myself, but heard the course is spectacular).

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ps yes, of course, this is photoshopped! I just had to use the ‘drama’filter


Grab one of the provided bicycles and explore the lovely port and town of St. Michaels. 

Or join one of the yoga and fitness session in the gym.

Take a fishing or kayaking excursion, have your first SUP session, join the Garden Tour or sip and taste wines on Saturday afternoons…

The activities schedule is extensive and meets everyones taste. There is something for the sporty, the arty, the culinary and everyone else.

I took a 8.30 am yoga class, which was held in the garden behind the house, on the waterfront. Mats, water, sunscreen, props, and towels were provided.

Our teacher was an experienced lady who managed well the challenge of teaching students of different levels she did not know.

Of course the class style was what I would call a ‘resort yoga class’. Gentle, slow pace, widely known asanas, movements and transitions.

We also indulged in a 3 pm Cava Cocktail session, where we attentively listened to the host’s most interesting information about the region, St Michaels, the hotel, and of course everything about Cava, the Spanish “Champagne”. 

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Excellent! Very attentive service, great selection and yummy food. My favourite? Their crab cakes are soft and fluffy and unmatched!


I love the resort and have actually been back since. The charm of the coastal life, the location, the friendly staff, the activity options, the food… it is all there. Would I go back for the spa alone? Maybe not. But then, the resort has so much to offer, they do not attempt to be a Spa Resort I guess. 

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting



I paid for my stay and treatment myself. Whether I am invited or not does not affect my honest opinion in my reviews. 

treatment spa Anja Eva Keller Petruccelli TalkWellnesstreatment spa Anja Eva Keller Petruccelli TalkWellnesstreatment spa Anja Eva Keller Petruccelli TalkWellness

treatment spa Anja Eva Keller Petruccelli TalkWellness