4 reasons why blogging is good for your spa business

Why liaising with bloggers or starting your own blog may not be such a poor idea for your spa & wellness business’ marketing efforts

Mixing Marketing Channels 

When looking at an overall marketing strategy for your spa & wellness business, you do not necessarily want to put all your eggs in one basket. Before looking into blogger relations in more detail, there are some questions to ask:

What is the overall spa marketing strategy for my business?

What is my spa marketing budget broken down by channel?

Which spa marketing activities are planned?

What does my spa marketing calendar look like?

Blogs are still not a very common and regular channel for spa marketing activities, and I wonder why not more spa & wellness businesses (or hotels for that matter) are more open to partnering with blogs. Is it because blogs have a poor image? Or because they are not taken serious? Because they are ‘cheap’?

I however recommend spa & wellness businesses to explore the following 2 options:

  1. liaise with bloggers
  2. think about your own blog

4 reasons why blogging is good for you spa business

1. a blog is a platform sharing values, core messages and unique perspectives that helps in developing better customer relationship
2. Blogs can spread a message to a wider audience or target group
3. With a blog, you can position your brand as an expert and thought leader
4. With a blog, you can drive traffic to your website and influence your target customer to take action

In her article ‘Blogger relations are the perfect advertising foundation’, Kristen Matthews says that traditional advertising (as in self promotion) does not work highly successfully anymore, as consumers are said to be ‘ad blind’. Instead Kristen suggests, that  consumers want to hear about brands from someone else but the brand itself, hence a strong network of bloggers who advocate for the brand is recommended.

I think, adverts can be successfull, if designed right. Julie Miller explains in 3 steps, how to design a successful spa ad.

4 reasons why blogging is good for your spa business
Suitable blogs for Spa & Wellness Businesses

Not every blog is suitable for your product or business, and vice versa, not every beauty product for example is suitable for a review on every beauty blog. 

Matching the right type of blog with a blogger that is passionate about what you have to offer with the right product of service is a wise thing to do.

Just like I have written in my article “spa email marketing”, mass marketing and divergency loss is not something that aids in marketing efforts and in reaching existing or potential customers. I do not think that ‘the more the better’ works in this case, like “backlink hunters” believe.

For Spa & Wellness Businesses, I actually see a variety of blog types suitable, here a few examples, of course there are many more out there

4 reasons why blogging is good for your spa business

Key is finding a blog that talks about a very specific topic to your target customer

Instead of a broad ‘nutritional’ blog, rather opt for the blog on ‘green smoothies’, if that is something that relates to your business.

Or instead of looking for any (decorative cosmetic) beauty blog, look for a blog about natural organic skin care instead, if one of your USPs is ‘green spa’ for example.

How to find the right blog / blogger

Basically you have two options after you have decided to work with bloggers:

  1. wait for them to contact you
  2. look actively yourself

Where to look?

  • networking events, trade shows etc.
  • blog directories
  • social discovery: look for what friends and peers are following on FB, Twitter, Instagram & Co.
  • social media posts ‘looking for bloggers’: post your own ad with details about what you are looking for and why
  • google blog search
  • blog awards: check out blog awards to spot the best in their field
  • e-papers and e-magazines: paper.li for example makes a web-based newspaper
  • blogger meetings and conventions: meet the blogger for example, hosts an event in Amsterdam/NL in October 2016
  • PR agencies
    Gabriele Epple, owner of SpaPress, works very successfully with bloggers. Gabriele matches hotels and cosmetic manufacturers with bloggers.
  • or ask me!

Let’s summarise:

  • Liaising with bloggers can be a very successful part of a spa & wellness businesses’ marketing strategy
  • Key is finding the right match between company and blogger and working on a sustainable relationship between the two

Have you given blogging a try yet? Let me know your thoughts! Much looking forward to hearing from you!

You may also want to check out my article Spa Marketing: 10 common myths about blogging. 

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting