Spa Review: SoSpa Sofitel Bayerpost Munich

Nowadays I only live about 1,5 hours car ride away from Munich. The beautiful city in Bavaria in South of Germany is well known not only for its famous Oktoberfest, but also for a great lifestyle.

I actually used to live very centrally in Munich for about 7 years and got to know and love the city, that some people call ‘a big village’ due to its laid back and relaxed atmosphere.

I love to come back on a regular basis to connect with the people, the taste and smell of the city, the energy, and of course to enjoy local spa & wellness offers.

Thus it wasn’t hard to follow an invite by charming Andrea Schlenker, Spa Manageress at SoSpa Sofitel Bayerpost.

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“Life is magnifique in Munich”

The hotel’s building holds great history: having been Munich’s main post office hub between 1900 and 1993, it still seems to whisper stories from the past, time witnessed by a displayed collection of old fashioned post stamps in the lobby. 

Located right next to the main Munich railway station, it may not offer great views, yet an excellent central location from which to explore Munich’s culture, dining, and shopping. 

Totally remodelled in an impressive modern design, the fine hotel hosts its spa on the ground floor level.

SoSpa is with just over 600 m2 maybe not the largest around, yet offers a great variety intelligently laid out in a space saving manner:

  • indoor pool (more raving about that later)
  • Finnish sauna
  • steam room
  • lifestyle showers
  • spacious relaxation room
  • treatment rooms
  • changing rooms
  • well equipped gym
  • a bistro and reception area with product bar

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I meet the Spa Manageress at the reception, where we take the time for a long and inspiring conversation:

Having set up the spa herself some 10 years ago starting with simple treatment services only, Andrea has great passion and empathy for the place and business that she has developed.

She talks about the great support she receives from her company, guest oriented standard operating procedures in place, her lovely team, and much more. A trained nutritionist, Andrea also talks about the increasing importance of incorporating dietary offers to her spa offers.

And she has actually such interesting things to say, which I would love to share with all of you, that I could not resist to ask her for an interview… coming soon!

We also share some views on common limitations and obstacles we face in this industry, yet are in agreement that it is still the best to work in!

After a tour of the spa facilities I am taken to the changing area, where I find my bathrobe and slippers in my locker. I change and before I know it, this beautiful women with the loveliest smile approaches me: Anita, my therapist for the day.

Sofitel Munich Bayerpost_So Spa (10)

Rejuvenating Therapy Facial Signature Treatment

Anita makes me fill out my consultation form and takes me to a lovely scented treatment room in warm colours. After talking me through my treatment explaining all the steps in detail, she leaves the room so that I can change into my disposable underwear (great quality with a real cotton feel, not the usual plastic type!) and make myself comfortable on the bed in privacy.

I love the opening rituals, including a taste of honey on my lips and a hot stone mini-massage for décolleté, neck and shoulders. That puts me straight away into treatment-enjoying-mode.

This signature facial has all the steps I expect: cleanse, exfoliation, lifting massages, mask, hand and arm massage, head and neck massage and finishing touches. 

Seemingly a lot of steps for the duration of 60 min, I never felt that the therapist had to rush or hurry through. Very experienced and skilled, she provides a beautiful calm and assertive attitude, using her Cinq Mondes products and technical skills to perfection.

Needless to say, that this true signature facial has given me the promised outcome: my skin feels amazingly soft, whilst my contours are lifted, eyes de-puffed, neck stretched…

During my treatment I have a suspicion that is confirmed when having a chat with Anita after the treatment: Anita (who used to work at Mandara Spa before) is Indonesian born an trained (Bali). Ask me where I think the most refined body work therapists come from, my answer is: Indonesia!

Following the treatment, when again I am left in the treatment room to take my time getting up and dressed again, I am spoiled with a refreshing exotic fruit salad in the bistro area.

Sofitel Bayerpost Munich

The Pool

Invigorated, I am ready to explore further: the pool. 

I don’t know how to put this in words. This pool is just amazing! To start with, the water temperature is just perfect for me at about 29C. I know you may say it is too warm for serious lap exercise swimming, but this pool just puts you in a relaxation and floating mode straight away. Beautiful soft lighting, grey slate and golden brown mosaic walls, I swim along the coil that takes me to the heart… a jacuzzi like area. Swimming back a long time after, I discover the larger more square area of the pool, with water fountains and seemingly secret windows to the Hotel reception. This pool is total bliss, a very exquisite spa experience.

Sofitel Bayerpost Munich

Heat experiences

The nude area with heat experiences again is laid out on a rather smaller area, however does not feel cramped of tight at all. Both, Sauna and Steam Room cubicles are modern, big, set to the right temperatures. I can only repeat myself: sometimes less is more. I love the various lifestyle showers, the foot bath and the adjacent relaxation room with sufficient and comfortable beds, soft lighting and agreeable colours and decoration.

SoSpa Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

Product Bar

SoSpa Munich offers they spa guests generous supplies of products that can be tested in the spa. Wether you forgot your skin moisturiser or just wish to try out something new, all products that are available from their brands can be tested. I make use of this generous offer and try the Cinq Mondes aromatic body scrub with spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) from the Java’s Ritual /Indonesia line under the shower.

At the end of the day, I find it hard to get ready to leave and say my good byes. It has been a long time since I have found this much fun and relaxation in a Hotel Spa. As I step out of the hotel’s main entrance revolving doors, I realise, that I am in a big city, right in the middle of it and not in a faraway paradise country… What a perfect heavenly getaway in the middle of the bustle.

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What you should consider when visiting SoSpa:

  • So Spa is a city hotel spa, not a wellness resort
  • I can see that it can get crowded at times

What I absolutely loved:

  • the amazing pool (three exclamation marks!!!)
  • super friendly team
  • logically laid out facilities
  • easy, natural and unpretentious service
  • best practices in place
  • spa bistro’s food and drink options
  • product bar

Pop in next time you are in Munich, and please say hello to everyone from me! And if you life in Munich, maybe it is time to check our their spa membership  options?

So, if you asked me: SoSpa?, my answer is: SoSpa, so good.

If you are interested in a review of your spa, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love to hear from you!

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

pictures (c) Sofitel Munich Bayerpost