Rebecca Sabine facilitates health and well being through her live violin music in spas

life music in spas


When I heard about Rebecca from Las Vegas, I was stunned. Live music in spas… what a heavenly combination: Violin and Meditation!


But… before continue reading, please open this link and listen to this incredibly relaxing, soothing and healing music whilst learning more about this beautiful women and her music to awaken the heart. 


Free listening….Sea of Light CD:  

Rebecca is a first chair professional violinist

Rebecca Sabine, a professional violinist and composer, performing with Celine Dion and many other well-known celebrities, has had a life-long interest in yoga and meditation.

In addition to her life as a professional musician, combining music and meditation has grown from her interest in meditation, yoga and a natural gift for vibrational healing.

Along with her daily personal practice, she has completed the UCLA Mindfulness Meditation course 1, participated in Kundalini workshops with Ravi Singh and Guru Rattana, completed her Reiki 1 certificate, and the Awakening Heart Master Mind course.

And Rebecca plays live music in spas. This provides the spa guest with a total new relaxation experience, as music and meditation are key components in stress relief.

life music in spas

I want to know more:

Rebecca, how did you get into music in the first place? 

I began violin lessons when I was in elementary school. Having played the violin since age 10, it is as natural to me as breathing, singing or talking! 

How did you develop the ‘music to awaken the heart’ program? 

I developed the Music to Awaken the Heart programs after I wrote and recorded my first CD, “The Stone Sanctuary , Silhouettes of Zion.” 

I was promoting the CD by playing in concerts, coffee houses, bookstores and festivals. So many people commented to me about the spiritual nature of the music. It seemed to me that my music needed to be played in a more quiet and contemplative spa-like environment. People were also very interested in hearing what I think about, as a composer, when I write the music. This led to me creating meditation experiences where I guide the listener on a visionary journey with both with music and the spoken word. 

You play live in spas, what happens during a live session? 

I begin by introducing myself, telling a little about my background 

I talk briefly about meditation..”it will be very easy even if they have never meditated before, they will soon find themselves in a very deep state of relaxation and stillness. The music does the magic!” 

I begin by playing a beautiful opening piece..and then speaking…leading the participants through a progressive physical relaxation with as the music plays in the background. As I feel led, I will pick up my violin again and begin playing. 

My violin expresses what is in my heart. It is just another way for me to communicate. I then will describe different natural scenes for them to visualise such as being in a canyon or at the ocean. 

As the music changes, the visualisations change as well. After about 50 minutes, I slowly begin to guide them out of their deep state of relaxation. That process invariably takes at least 10 minutes. When they finally open their eyes, the participants are always speechless. They have experienced something very personal and of great beauty beyond words, perhaps for the first time in their lives. We part with the word “namaste” and they leave in peace. 

Classical Performance       

Why live music in spas? 

According to Forbes magazine, meditation is the hot new trend at luxury hotel spas.

As spas evolve beyond just caring for a person’s physical needs, they care for the whole person..on an emotional and spiritual level as well. 

People are going to spas today for a quick relaxation fix from the stresses of their daily life. Beautiful music and meditation are both key components in stress relief, but anyone would agree that “piped in” music is no substitute for a live performance! 

Hearing a violin played artistically, not in a concert hall , but close up and personal, is an unforgettable and singular experience to offer guests in a luxury spa. 

Playing my violin music together with guided meditations inspired by the symbolism of nature is my own special path and one that I derive great satisfaction from. My objective is to bring a comfortable ,memorable and immediate access to a state of deep meditation to guests at luxury spas.

I love creating the visualizations accompanied by my music, giving each person in the group a chance to relax, grow very calm, and create their own inner sanctuary. I have seen people come into the meditation rooms feeling scattered and telling me that them can’t seem to get their minds to slow down. But…when the hour long session is finished ….they open their eyes, reflecting the deep serenity of a newborn baby seeing the world afresh.

Rebecca is currently presenting full moon meditations at the Salt Room in Las Vegas. 

life music in spas

Why should a spa book you for live music? 

My “Music to Awaken the Heart” programs are designed to make meditation accessible to business men and women, moms and dads, retirees..everybody! 

I love working on-on-one with people of all ages and walks of life! Having studied meditation and yoga for many years, as well as enjoying teaching violin to young people, speaking to audiences in classical concerts and playing professionally for stars such as Bocelli, Celine Dion, Pavarotti and Frank Sinatra all of my adult life, I have the desire, the calling and the ability to facilitate health and well being through my music. 

What is your personal wellness tip? 

I believe that a daily meditation practice is essential for personal wellness. It is a well-known fact that stress-reduction is an important part of healing and maintenance of good health. Studies show that meditation can boost productivity and immunity, while helping to reduce cortisol levels, lower blood pressure, combat insomnia and fight depression. 

If you are interested in Rebecca’s work, or need to book her, or wish to contact her, you can do so through her website.
Also check our her Facebook page for upcoming workshops. 

And of course you can download Rebecca’s meditation CD here.

For Linked-In Wellness Pros, there is a free streaming of Rebecca’s new spa / medation CD, Sea of Light:

Let her know how you like it. If you could take a minute to connect with Rebecca on Linked-In with a short review, she wil send you a code for a free download of the entire album! 

The music is simply awesome. So no ending words for this article from me, I am speechless and bewitched.

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