4 ways of adding value to the spa journey

Continuously developing our spa services keeps us ahead of the game. Yet not only developing treatments or spa menus is needed, also additional services that add value to the spa journey for the guest.

This is what I recommend:

1) Personalisation – more customised spa treatments

In our article “we want to see more time in Spas”, Mandy and I had discussed a Spa Trend 2015 with the following conclusion:

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In some parts of the world, an entirely new trend is emerging: no more spa menus at all anymore!

 It reminds me a little of our family holidays in Greece in the 1970s, when we would drive around the countryside and stop at ‘guest houses’, which basically consisted of a rocky wooden table under an olive tree, with the patron greeting us very friendly by listing his one or two food options… We find this type of service offers until today, some restaurants refrain from displaying printed food menus and simply offer their handful of dishes – of course very fresh every day – on a chalk board.

I vision how beautifully this could be translated to the spa & wellness industry. No more fix and restricted protocols of the kind one-fits-all, but more time to listen to guest’s needs. No more preserved cosmetics but more fresh and seasonal ingredients and products.

We need to talk more about this!

Spa Trend 2015



2) Convenience is king!

And I strongly believe that guest convenience should be considered very seriously in a spa environment. Is this not exactly the very core of our trade?

My convenient product no 1 is the innovative SpaPad, which not only enhances operational issues such as hygiene and laundry, but also gains you your guests trust.




3) Think beyond: additional services connected to wellness and health

Every Spa & Wellness Business offers a mix of products and services, out of which some are core products/services, and some are augmented products/services. A business can successfully sell and deliver products/services that revolve around core competencies. Complementing those services by related products of services can create win-win situations, for both, guests and manufacturers.

Bergblut is my number one recent start up in Austria, do you remember my article “ever tried mountain blood before”?

Bergblut is now offering their fresh handmade juices in the stylish glass bottles for sale in spas too. Your guests will not only love you for introducing the juices to them, but you can also include the juice detox easily in your own slimming treatment programs.




4) Spa Retail

…is an entire chapter for itself and thus I will be giving it the attention it needs in an upcoming article.

For today I limit the discussion to the fact, that spa retail can make a major difference to the guest experience and perception of your spa performance.

Imagine you could add 10 to 20 $ to each check without much effort and resources?

I am a great fan of what I call “check-out-items”, small products at the check out point / cashier desk, that everyone loves and that do not need much service or explanation, such as miniature products (i.e. a lip balm).

Bliss by Iman offers beautiful and small ‘check-out-items’, easy to store, an ideal girlie souvenir.

Or check out M A C A, you will love their stylish gent’s bracelets!

Tip: Hold a variety (i.e. 8 to 10 different) of small check out items ready, and change the display at the check out point on a daily basis. This way your guests will be able to discover something new every time they visit the spa.

Any ideas I have missed?

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting