increase guest capture rate

a busy hotel does not equal a busy hotel spa and vice versa.

hotel occupancy and hotel spa occupancy underlie a variety of factors, and not always necessarily the same.

however every hotel spa should look for hotel guests as prime source of spa guests. yet we need to understand, that no business can serve all, meaning no hotel spa can serve all hotel guests. 

a successful guest capture rate in a city hotel could well be around 10%, in a resort up to 80 or even 90%. (calculate your hotel guest capture rate: number of hotel rooms occupied divided by number of spa treatments performed on hotel guests.)

be quick

a promotion that worked last year for xmas may not be working this december, the participants of this month’s convention may have total different needs from the participants in the convention the other day…

quickly adjusting to new situations is important, for example by ensuring sufficient resources on short notice. 

knowing all factors that affect your spa business: climate/weather, substitute activities, time issues etc. helps understanding your guest’s needs and demands.

flexibility in all aspects is key.

be pro-active

approach guest even before they arrive at the hotel, for example by liaising with your hotel reservations department. 

and of course at time of hotel check in, the hotel reception team can make an impact on the guest’s perception of the spa area.

ensure visibility of your spa within the hotel – merely placing a spa brochure in the hotel room is not sufficient. every member of staff in the hotel can sell your spa. 

make your spa visible at all different points of the hotel guest’s journey.

my highlight: a sticker on the bathroom mirror in the hotel room with the words” “looking tired? dial the spa extension #123 to make an appointment…”

maintaining good relationships within the hotel with head of departments, your GM, your marketing & sales department etc. ensures you will receive the support you need from other departments.

know your hotel’s business and occupancy ahead of time. 

a wedding is planned for next month? Approach the bride beforehand!

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be innovative

liaise with other outlets such as dining: what kind of synergies can be used. the restaurant wants to capture the hotel guest just as much as the spa.

promotions: think beyond

do not always use the same kind of promotional tool such as for example discounts. All too often we see “treatment of the month” at a discounted price, every month over again. This leaves an impression with the spa guest, that none of your treatments have the very value that is actually displayed in the spa menu.

be creative when it comes to product bundling, packages, rewards or loyalty programs.

always remember: we do not want to simply sell products, but offer solutions instead!

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

what is your most powerful tool at your hotel spa to capture hotel guests? are you happy with your guest capture rate?

please feel free to send me an email on, I am much looking forward to hearing from you!

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