OKKO skincare – balm sticks every woman needs

Especially every women that travels a lot! 

I love discovering new skin care ideas, and this is certainly one that suits travelling women greatly: balm sticks in push up tubes!

Anne from OKKO Skincare has given me just before xmas her natural face balm stick organic clary sage and rose geranium to try and review for her.

She has sent me the 14 grams version in the new white plastic tube, replacing the former card board packaging. The product is light in weight, with a clean white and purple look, a firm plastic packaging, and super easy to handle. It looks like an XXL lip balm to me 🙂

balm sticks TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

OKKO Skincare Products 


Face Balm Sticks

Foot Balm Sticks

Body Balm Sticks

Lip Balm Sticks

and a ‘Try-Me’ selection with miniatures,

are handmade in Britain and shipped to most European countries.


Particularly recommended ingredients

First I have a look at the label, that reads: “A luxurious light and gentle face balm stick. Suitable for most skin types. Directions: Glide over cleansed cheeks, chin, forehead, neck once and massage in as desired. Can be used as daily moisturiser or as an intensive overnight treatment. Only little amount required.”

My further analysis of the ingredients reveals: out of the 18 different ingredients, 5 are particularly recommended, such as evening primrose and tocopherol (which is Vitamin E), 8 more ingredients are recommended, such as aloe, coconut oil and calendula, and only the remaining 5 are without any predominant effects, which means they have no positive or negative effect on the skin.

Spa Geek Knowledge Cosmeticananlysis.com

I am no chemist, hence I find it just as hard as most people to analyse ingredients in skincare. All those different names for one and the same ingredients, some even in Latin… and all those abbreviations. And how can one remember what is what and which ingredient is harmful or not.

I have found my super simple solution, which is the website called cosmeticanalysis.com. As a member (very reasonable membership fee) I can search for products and look up their ingredients, or analyse products myself by entering information from the product label. An easy to understand smiley system (red/yellow/green) translates complicated background info into understandable and useful info. Read this to learn more.

The cap opens easily and I love the predominant rose geranium scent! The light yellow balm is firm enough to stay in the tube and hold the shape, however soft enough to be easily applied to the skin without pushing hard.

It glides gently over the skin. A small screw on the bottom of the tube helps to push product upwards as needed.

Convenience every women can do with

Currently it is January and after it has been snowing for days in the Austrian Alps, the sun is coming out. 

Off to the ski slopes I am, and bring my balm stick along. 

balm sticks TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Great accessories in compact size 

How convenient! 

And how easy to apply the lovely balm to my chapping lips and cheeks on the chair lift! 

But not only during travelling or on the ski lift are these balm sticks genius. Men like them too, as they don’t get their palms and fingers sticky which most guys don’t like. 

It is a great go-anywhere moisturiser, and mess-free on top. Apply the balm anywhere you need a quick-absorbing natural moisturiser.

The compact size makes it a great accessories to my gym/golf/yoga bag, or my purse, the bedside table, office desk, kitchen sink, or even jeans pocket.

My natural face balm stick by OKKO skincare has to go on my list My 7 carry-on flight essentials for more wellness in the air!