7 Tips for kissable Lips in Winter

Ice-cold wind, dry heat in overheated rooms, cold dampness, winter sun… our skin around the lips suffers most in winter, and is in dear need of good lip care.

The skin around the lips is super thin, as is the underlying fat layer. Thus the skin cannot store hydration very well in this area, and lips are usually the first to dry out.

Besides diligently applying lip care, there are a few other things one can do to keep lips kissably supple in winter:

Lip Care #1 – Toothbrush-Rub

lip care Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Massage lips with a soft, new and clean kids toothbrush from centre to corner of the mouth. Enhances blood circulation and removes dead skin cells.



Lip Care #2 – Mask

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When applying a face mask, I always cover the lips too. Particularly when using one of my yummy homemade options. Licking not excluded!



Lip Care #3 – Peeling

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When doing a facial exfoliation make sure the lips do not miss out, just like when applying the face mask. Or, I simply dunk my index finger in honey, sprinkle a few grains of sugar on it, and here is my lip-peeling-product!


Lip Care #4 – Honey!

lip care Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Honey is already the lip care product par excellence! I apply honey to the lips just a couple of minutes before going for a shower or before cleansing my face and let the honey unfold its magic: honey calms the skin and softens rough spots, it has antibacterial effects and is wound healing.


Spa Geek Knowledge: 6th July, International Kissing Day


Lip Care #5 – Cheers!

lip care Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Drink sufficient liquid! Water, diluted juices or teas… Sure, in winter we do not feel as thirsty, yet water intake is just as important for a radiant skin texture, which also applies to the skin of the lips.


Lip Care #6 – Avoid self-destruction

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Avoid biting, licking and constantly touching your lips: Saliva can dry out the skin.  Biting lips can cause minuscule bruises through which bacteria (for example from the fingers by touching) can penetrate the skin.

When suffering from fever blisters around the lips: dash into a pharmacy at the first sign and buy a suitable product. The faster it’s applied, the better the chances to get rid of it quickly. Every minute counts!

Lip Care #7 – over-the-counter Products

TalkWellness, Anja Eva Keller

Lip care products come as sticks, tubes, jars, tins … in all kinds of flavours, colours, and textures.
However one should be a little concerned about ingredients when choosing a lip care product.

My newest darlings are skin care balm sticks by OKKO and Kindred Skin Care. They provide great convenience I can do with particularly well when travelling, or skiing, or in the car, or in the office…And besides offering care and protection for my skin with natural organic oils and waxes and herbal light protection, they wont make my lips feel addicted. Instead they nourish the skin around my lips so it is soft and supple. And they are also great for the little boo-boos of my grandchildren!

Important in the winter sun: Look out for sufficient – and preferably natural – sun protection!

I apply my lip care throughout the day, and apply a particularly generous amount in the nighttime before going to bed.

And guess what: Canoodling is great for your lips too!

Smooching is fun! Kissing not only triggers blood circulation in the skin of the lips, but while kissing around 29 facial muscles are being used, which apparently uses up to 12 calories for a French kiss. So then: kissing makes one slim and happy!

My lip-confession:
I have freckles on my lips!

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