Alpienne Skin Care – Power of the Alps

Alpienne is a mid-size company based out of the Tyrollean Alps in Austria.

Their outstanding philosophy is based on what they call the ‘purest alpine natural concept’, power of the Alps: Since flora and fauna in our high alpine areas have to resist extreme climate conditions such as ice and strong solar radiation at the same time, nature has come up with an outstanding defence mechanism during their millennia long struggle for survival. 

Alpienne is using those wonderful powers and intelligent active ingredients for the benefit of skin health and general wellbeing. “Nothing but the wondrous powers of alpine nature”.

100% natural and pure

Ingredients such as arnica, St. John’s wort, marigold, camomile, propolis, honey, marmot oil, biopir, Swiss stone pine, gentian root, best essential oils in high quality olive oil, beeswax, lanolin, fresh spring water and mild alcoholic fruit distillation result in naturally pure care and wellness products which achieve their efficaciousness and durability without any sort of synthetic colouring, fragrances and preservatives and with no other additives, combine to become the power of the Alps.

My Product Test

I have had a chance to try a wide range of their products in the past, not only because Alpienne supplies many of the Austrian Wellness Hotels with bathroom and spa amenities. 

power of the Alps Anja Eva Keller TalkWellness

Today I am presenting their natural salt peeling with St. John’s wort (hypericum) and Biopir.

Spa Geek Knowlegde – Biopir

Biopir is an extract made of brewer’s yeast that promotes skin renewal. It contains significant amounts of biotin, niacin and amino acids which are said to have a rejuvenating and tissue-firming effect.

The retail size glass jar contains 150 gr/5.3 oz. On opening the lid, and as expected, I found oil sitting on top of the solid salt crystals, so I stirred the content before use. The scent is gentle and the salt grains are rather fine, which makes for a not too abrasive mechanical exfoliation. Sometimes I find salt scrubs can be a little harsh, compared to sugar scrubs

My skin scents and feels nice after the treatment, I have used the salt peeling on my body only, not my face.

Product Range

Skin care is not the only product line. Next to face and body creams, essences, baths, and shampoos, and of course the Biopir skin care line, the company also sells their handmade-in-Tirol

  • health products such as bandages, wraps, and nutritional supplements
  • foods such as tea and honey
  • gift ideas such as books or ‘gifts from the mountains’ sets
  • living items such as pillows, room essences, sprays, accessories and stone pine products

Spa Geek Knowledge: Swiss Stone Pine, “queen of the Alps”

The largest stone pine forest of the Alps lies above Hall in Tirol, between the Glungezer and Patscherkofel summits. The essential oils of the stone pine smell delicious. They also have a proved beneficial effect on our vegetative nervous system and overall health. Other products with the same benefits include processed and hand made items such as beds, pillows and more.

Online Shop

Alpienne runs an online shop (English available) with Europe wide shipping (including Switzerland) and free shipping from 70 Euro purchases and up.