The Surprising Beauty Uses of Coconut

I could go nuts for coconuts. And particularly for the beauty uses of coconut.

Since I have lived in East Africa for a couple of years, I have made great friends with coconuts. First introduced to it, I would drink the water from young coconuts. Straight out of the shell with a straw, skilfully opened with a machete right in front of me…. bliss! Today I know much more about the surprising beauty uses of coconut.

 Beauty Uses of Coconut

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An old Tanzanian back then told me the tale, how  coconut water was used as a replacement for ever short blood conserves during the world wars in lazarets. Injecting coconut water to the bodies of the wounded… Although I have not been able to verify the tale, the story alone shows deep appreciation of the great properties of coconuts.

Today, I cannot think about not having coconut oil and other products in my house: I use coconut oil, milk and coconut water mostly, however also candles, commercial cosmetics and even liquor…

The uses seem endless, I personally use (cold pressed and organic only) coconut produce for

Beauty Uses of Coconut: Hair

Natural sun protective coconut oil does not contain those scary chemicals we find in many over the counter hair products, such as silicons and parabens. This is what makes coconut oil a great hair conditioner – for both, leave-in or as mask- really for all types of hair. It prevents damage from the daily handling such as combing, brushing and tying hair back.

Try small amounts to start with, until you have found the right amount for your hair. My hair for example is thick, dry and wavy, thus I can hardly use too much, it helps me to detangle my hair after washing.

Coconut oil as hair treatment is also said to be for hair growth, to fight dandruff, for styling of course and to tame the frizz, and even to prevent and treat lice.

 Beauty Uses of Coconut

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Coconut oil is ace for cooking in general, and even for frying, as it can tolerate great heat.

Being lactose intolerant, I have started using coconut milk amongst others as replacement for dairy many years back. 

Coconut water is low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free and contains high amounts of potassium. The clear liquid (not to be confused with coconut milk or oil) has a slight sweet and nutty taste, and is a nutritious and relatively low-calorie way to add potassium to my diet and keep me well-hydrated.

 Beauty Uses of Coconut

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Looking for some simple and fresh coconut recipes? Check out Maria’s food blog Two Peas & their Pod


I even have a coconut wood soap dish in my bathroom!

beauty uses coconut

Beauty Uses of Coconut: Skin

I literally bathe my skin in coconut oil, it is an excellent skin moisturiser, and also after sun bathing, as coconut oil has a cooling effect, just one of the beauty uses of coconut.

I drip a few spoons full in my bath water, use it as massage oil, and with a small brush as cuticle oil and of course for safe baby care. More about mom&baby below.

My favourite DIY spa@home recipe: brown sugar, coconut oil and a few drops of lemon juice make a super nice body peeling!

Natural coconut products usually have a subtle smell. I apply the oil all over my body after my shower, then throw on my bath robe and feel like a delicious coconut macaroon by LaDuree…

 Beauty Uses of Coconut

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Spa Geek Knowledge

Did you know that coconut oil has a solid texture in white colour when kept under 24C temperature? It easily melts on the skin, or place the pot for a few minutes in a warm place to allow softening and melting, when the liquid becomes clear again. This process can be repeated and does not hurt freshness or properties.

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Coconut Essentials Organic SkinCare

My fellow coconut-obsessed Angela Banks from Coconut Essentials is very passionate about providing safe and effective skin care for everyone using organic coconut oil. She tells me her inspiring story: 

“We want to limit the amount of chemicals we/our kids are exposed to on a daily basis by using skin care products that are organic and all natural, containing no dyes, perfumes, or chemicals.  When I was pregnant with my first daughter my skin became very sensitive and I could not use any of the products that are advertised for preventing stretch marks because I broke out in heat rashes.  After comparing the ingredients in those advertised pregnancy products, I found that most of them contained mineral oil as the main ingredient.  After doing some research, I came across coconut oil and the benefits for the skin so I tried it on my pregnant belly….worked great. 

I love the way it makes my skin feel

From that point organic coconut oil became my obsession.  I loved the way it made my skin feel and I felt safe using it knowing it was all natural and would not hurt my baby.  After my daughter was born she had very sensitive skin as well with eczema.  I tried coconut oil on her and added some cane sugar as an exfoliant…she has beautiful, bump free skin now and she loves to use the scrub in the bathtub.  Then I became pregnant with my second daughter who was looking to be much larger than my first.  I was really worried about stretch marks so I continued to use my coconut oil on my belly for this pregnancy as well.  After my 9lb 15oz baby came out via c-section I survived with no stretch marks and a beautiful healthy girl.  After a month she developed cradle cap really bad.  Again I turned to my coconut oil and it was gone within a week of using it and left her smelling great.  

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Skin Care options for moms and soon-to-be-moms 

My husband mentioned to me that I should create a product for other moms.  If I was looking for something like this, maybe other moms would be too.  Coconut Essentials and Coconut Baby was born. I wanted other moms or soon-to-be-moms to have some skin care options that were all natural for their babies and kids as well.  Now after completing my 3rd pregnancy with coconut oil as my moisturizer, I can safely say I do not have stretch marks and my skin has retained much of its elasticity.  My kids have great skin care products to use that I feel good about them using because I know they are safe and chemical free.  Coconut Baby is a one stop shop product for moms or soon to be moms.  You can use it as a moisturizer for pregnant bellies, you can use it on scars from c-sections, you can use it to prevent diaper rash, as an after bath moisturizer for babies, kids, and adults, as a treatment for eczema and cradle cap.  It truly is a multi purpose product that makes life a little easier for moms.

Angela’s motivation are her kids

Angela started the company with a little push and help from her husband.  Her motivation has always been her kids.  She wanted them to have safe organic skin care options that are effective to use without exposing them to chemicals.  Angela runs Coconut Essentials. She does everything with production, her husband helps on the technical side.  “I want my girls to know that they can believe in something and make it happen with hard work.  I hope that they can grow up watching me run this business and be a part of it one day.  I hope all moms out there can use my product.

Coconut Essentials donates to families with severe skin issues due to contaminated water

I recently donated a large quantity of the Coconut Baby product to the families here in Flint Michigan who are experiencing severe skin issues due to contaminated water.  I wanted to help these people who have been exposed to so many chemicals and irritants feel safe with the product they could use on themselves and their kids.”

Angela’s personal wellness tip: Go natural, it is always the best way to go!


Coconut Baby

Angela has sent me her bestseller, Coconut Baby, that I have immediately tested on my little rent-a-baby Paula.

I sat the one year old on the outside deck with the opened coconut baby tub in front of her, watching her play delightfully with the product. I knew there was no harm, even when she put her little curious hands full of product in her mouth. Little Paula enjoyed smearing Coconut Baby over her hands, arms and legs. I did not have to convince Paula’s mum about the great benefits of coconut oil for baby care. She tells me that she likes Angela’s Coconut Baby much and regrets that it is not available in Europe [yet].

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

beauty uses coconut

beauty uses coconut

beauty uses coconut