Derma ID – unique skin care concept

I don’t like it.

I love it, love it, love it!

The Phyto Recovery Oil by Derma ID, from the ‘my cosmetic pharmacy’ line.

unique skin care concept


This lovely facial oil contains vitamins, fatty acids omega 3,6 and 9 and further nutrients in a highly concentrated form, such as Vitamins A and E. 

It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and has a good anti-inflammatory properties.

This anti-ageing oil is quickly absorbed by my rather dry skin and does not leave a greasy film, like expected from a natural and organic oil. I like the fact that the oil is almost odourless, maybe a light hint of almonds to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love good scents, but sometimes less is more. Especially for a product that I want to use on a daily basis. And in general I am no fan of added perfumes.

One of the main ingredients is the powerful Kukui nut oil (more info in the Spa Geek Knowledge Section further below), which supports regeneration.

And also Argan oil has found its way into the bottle, known for fostering toning, smoothing, and de-wrinkling the skin.

The oil is certified organic skincare by ÖLMB, the official Austrian food catalog.

Look and Packaging

Ok, one can argue the medicinal look of the small glass bottle with pipette, however it works for me. Clean, hygienic, and easy to dose… I don’t mind ‘medicine’ on my beauty shelf, besides contains are more important than looks.

When my shipment with the little oil bottle arrived, I was pleased to find no extra packaging.

The label on the dark glass bottle (dark glass protects natural oils) gives away some extensive information including the full list of ingredients in a readable font. yeah!

unique skin care concept

The company

Dr. Theresa Friedrich is founder and owner, with a background in pharmacy.

The expert in bio cosmetics knows, that the quality of her products is determined by their ingredients and composition. She believes that active ingredients can only do their magic when used in correct amounts and concentration. 

Dr. Friedrich says “you often find ingredients in commercial products that only have an advertising and marketing purpose. Just look at the list of ingredients of any product. Ingredients are listed according to their amount in the product, with the ingredient of the highest amount being listed first, and the ingredient with the lowest content last.”

Dr. Friedrich’s background in pharmacy, her former work in science and research, her experience of working in laboratories and her passion for organic skincare has led to this unique skin care concept and the sophisticated range of products in highest quality.

Besides she understands that skin health and beauty not only depend on the best skin care products, but also on a healthy lifestyle. That is why her individual client consultations always include a holistic approach.

My Experience 

Have I mentioned before that I LOVE oils? 😉 so just in case you missed it: 

I love oils! 

I love to use them every day. 

Several times a day. 


For face and body.

My hands and nails.

And for my hair.

The label on the Phyto Recovery Oil reads: ‘use two to three drops and massage them into skin’. With pleasure!

Further Products available

Products available are categorised into two different lines, the Derma ID Haute Couture and Derma ID cosmetic pharmacy as mentioned above. A wide range provides:

  • balms
  • baby oil
  • mama oil
  • different massage oils
  • peeling
  • cleanser
  • facial cremes

and I cannot wait to try out more of the beautiful products from this unique skin care concept.

Unique Skin Care Concept

The brand names includes the concept: Derma (=skin) and ID (identification) highlights the aspect, that skin is as unique and individual as a finger print. This is why the ‘haute couture’ line offers individual cremes, that are manufactured according to skin types individually after diagnostics and personal consultation. wow.

Check out their website and online shop and let me know what you think of this lovely Austrian brand with its unique concept?!

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting 




Spa Geek Knowledge

Kukui Nut Oil comes from the Kukui Nut Tree, the state tree of Hawaii.

The Hawaiians have used all parts of the tree for centuries for a variety of purposes, including medicinal use of the oil from the crushed nuts. The oil is being used by the Hawaiians to treat dry skin, sunburn, eczema, wound healing and more.

Studies have revealed that the oil has antimicrobial properties. More and more skin care manufacturers all over the world use Kukui Oil.