SPA Manufactur® – waterless skincare

I know, I am really behind with product reviews, which is owed to the fact that I have had some lovely and exiting addition to the family which totally occupied all my attention & love & passion & affection over the last two weeks.

However I love doing reviews for organic skin care products from all around the world, and today’s waterless skincare in question, I am proud to say, is from my home country Germany.

Superfood Organics for Healthy Skin 

I have been following spa brand SPA Manufactur® for a little while now and I feel this is the right time to have a closer look.

Because they have recently received the Spa Diamond Award in the category “Green Spa Treatment” with their signature treat ‘Red Carpet Detox Cleanse’. This treatment is based on products from the Premium Organic Deluxe Collection Indulgence. I say congrats, well deserved!

The beauty industry worldwide is trending towards ‘nutricosmetics’, which means in the case of SPA Manufactur®: the skin care contains fresh ingredients from superfoods, i.e. vitamins from berries such as raspberry, pomegranate, cranberry, or black current and many more.

I have tested 2 different SPA Manufactur® products from the inspiring and soulful Indulgence collection:

  • Ultra luxurious Pure Vitamins Bath Cream & Body Pack in glass bottle
  • Pure Vitamins Luxury Body Oil in glass bottle with high end ingredients 

Waterless Skincare

Products like gels, cremes and lotions by SPA Manufactur® are handmade and fresh, but what is pretty uncommon is that they do not contains the usual high water content, but precious organic plant herbal distillates, and pure organic aloe vera. This means 100% waterless skincare! This not only guarantees high end product quality with a max in active ingredients, but also excellent treatment effects.


Spa Geek Knowledge

Heat, light, oxygen, moisture, bacteria… are all common factors that can corrupt your natural oils. 

For storage of (essential) oils, best is to use glass or aluminium (which for example is used by body oil manufacturer Mahlenbrey).

Amber and cobalt glass are actually best, thus your oil can last a very long time.

Natural oils are very potent. Damage and deterioration is a common problem to plastic containers.  

Not so glass. It cannot be damaged by the inert nature of the glass as such. Together with an airtight lid you create the ideal packing option for oils.


Most SPA Manufactur® products come in glass bottles – check!

No extra outer packaging – check!

Small paper labels add valuable information, such as ingredients, expiry date, batch number etc. – check!

…and Look

To me, the brand has the ‘real’ spa look. White is always the colour of choice, off-white caps and the beige paper labels complement the style. Small colour blocks on the bottle itself hint at the product use, in this case ‘inspiring & soulful’ is highlighted in a light blue block.

SPA Manufactur® - waterless skincare

My Experience

Oil based and waterless skin care is my favourite, and you can never go wrong with a citrusy smell!

The organic (and certified!) luxury body oil – handmade with love like all the other lovely products – contains pomegranate, sunflower, jojoba, cranberry, cocos, and other great cold pressed oils that have excellent effects on stressed, or dry, or ageing skin. The scents for ‘inspiring & soulful’ products range from sandalwood, over orange and lime to ginger.

The extra tip on the product label reads: apply Aloe Gel before massaging the skin with the body oil. Anti Ageing at its best!

The next product I have tested is the Bath Cream & Body Pack. I love the cute little milk bottle – look! The manufacturer recommends 3 to 4 spoons for a full bath. Lovely and creamy, I admit that my skin does feel great. But for me, nothing beats oil, so the cream will unfortunately not become my favourite. However if you prefer creams, then this is the product you must try this light, gentle, soft and velvety option! As mentioned above, this cream is waterless skin care, and contains herbal distillates and aloe juice instead of H2O. Other ingredients are almond oil, coco butter, and apricot kernel oil, and many more. 

And I am really happy to tell you that I have more products by SPA Manufactur® up my sleeve, which I am going to test next and report soon!

SPA Manufactur® - waterless skincare


Their motto ‘Superfood Organics for healthy glowy skin: CLEAN SKINCARE!’ has led to a partnership with Bergblut® raw green juices, THE manufacturer for detox cleanse juices. 

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Iris, the creative director and owner of SPA Manufactur®, via email

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting



What is your experience with body oils? I would really love to hear from you. Which brands do you use, and which ones do you like most?