This is a guest article by 3 of my promising students of IUBH on an interesting topic in consumer behaviour, and their thoughts on applying guerrilla marketing techniques to spa marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing for Spas – think outside the box

Guerrilla Marketing is an innovative and effective advertising campaign, which promotes in an unconventional way. It is popular among small businesses because it is possible for them to conduct this marketing strategy with a small budget to spend. 

Guerrilla Marketing is based on three aspects, namely

  • the surprise,
  • diffusion and
  • low cost factor. 

For display unexpected traffic places are being used, such as bus stops, pedestrian precincts, beaches, among others. 

How is Guerrilla Marketing successful?

The essence of this marketing strategy is creativity.
The more surprising the campaign – the more attention it will get from the audience.

So make the campaign: 

– shocking, funny, unique, outrageous, clever, creative, quirky, unexpected 

guerrilla marketing   

Guerrilla Marketing can be separated into three different categories, including low budget, new media and out of home Guerrilla Marketing. 

guerrilla marketing


There are four common Guerrilla Marketing methods which can be highlighted as the most effective ones: Ambush, Sensation, Ambient and Viral Marketing. 

guerrilla marketing

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Ambush Marketing is mostly used for promotion during sports or public events. It attempts to diminish the effectiveness of competitors’ communication strategies and is based on sponsorships of known brands. Ambush Marketing is inexpensive, because it does not involve traditional advertising costs and diffuses flexibility. 

guerrilla marketing

source Miele Sensation Marketing


Sensation Marketing is demonstrated once only and always in public. It is a new and surprising action in an unconventional way with a WOW effect.



guerrilla marketing

source Meister Proper

Ambient Marketing uses medial attention to a topic to create good advertisement. It is an alternative way to overcome traditional methods of communicating a message to key targeted audiences. Ambient Marketing surrounds and impacts the people; emphasizes thoughtful leadership; is unconventional, creative, interactive and results oriented. 


guerrilla marketing

source Volkswagen Super Bowl XLV Ad

Viral Marketing’s aim is to be creative and to catch the customers awareness through the Internet and various media channels. It works through emotional awareness and approval of the people. The main aim is to spread the message, most commonly through social media. 


That is why guerrilla marketing reaches and touches many people internationally. 

Which leads us to the question: 

Does Guerrilla Marketing fit in a spa marketing concept? 

We strongly believe that this marketing tool could be successfully implemented to the spa department for increase public awareness. 

Till now there have been little to none Guerrilla Marketing strategies for this sector in the hospitality industry. Spas could obtain a huge competitive advantage by adding such a marketing strategy. 

Instead of using the traditional marketing strategies, spas could save a lot of money through conducting Guerrilla Marketing. It is a great tool to attract maximum attention of people, with only little investment. The main goal is to build long-term relationships, since it has been understood that customer satisfaction leads to loyalty which is basis for success.


This article was written by three of my promising students at IUBH in Consumer Behaviour: Christina Fuchs (left)Jill Perlitz (middle), and Denise Riethbaum (right).

guerrilla marketing

(c) by Christina, Jill and Denise

Christina is a mum with a lifelong interest in fitness, she would like to have her own little bistro in the futures.
Jill seeks to discover the world while aiming a successful career.
Denise works determined and ambitious for her dreams and goals and wants to make a move into self-employment in the near future.

If you wish to contact them, please feel free to drop me an email, I am happy to get you in touch.