HURRAW! Lip Balm from premium organic, vegan & raw ingredients

Do you remember when you bought your first lip balm? I don’t, I assume I must have been a young teen, maybe twelve years old? maybe even much younger…

My lip balms were amongst my very first cosmetic products that I was allowed to use, and loved them dearly.

I still do, and have quiet a good variety of preferably organic and natural balms in tins, as sticks or in tubes, according to my motto “one for every pocket” literally in every pocket, handbag, glove compartment, and drawer…

lip balm

What touches my lips must be edible 

My criteria? What touches my lips must be edible (excluding my husband :-)).

And since those small items in competitive price ranges make great retail check-out products, I always keep my eyes on the market where new brands introduce new product developments.

Have you heard of HURRAW!, lip balm from premium organic, vegan & raw ingredients? The manufacturers intent is to create the perfect lip balm.

Their criteria? 

  • all natural, vegan, raw, premium fair trade ingredients
  • super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not too sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly
  • never grainy
  • long lasting
  • plus: no melting in a back jean pocket being carried around all day

HURRAW! certified vegan lip balms are manufactured in the US and support responsible farming in the US and around the globe.

What I can say from personal experience 

My test pack included:

lip balm


white / essential range: unscented

brown / essential range: sun protection 15 spf

green / Ayurveda dosha range: pitta 

red / classic range: black cherry tinted

beige / classic range: vanilla bean

yellow / classic range: lemon


I took the sun protection balm on a hike on a sunny day. And true: although keeping it in my pants pocket, it did not melt or change texture in any way!

They each have their own individual scent, yet never overpowering. The green ‘pitta’ for example is a little minty, whereas the vanilla one has just a little and agreeable hint of vanilla – thus not too sweet! – and even cherry tinted (which is usually not my favourite) is fruity and unobtrusive, giving my lips that little extra glow…

The sensation after application is very nice, not sticky or slimy, plus I do not have to re-apply over and again. 

Extra Love: for their oval shape! Much better to stick into any pocket or bag, compared to other round lip balms.

So what else to say – you may have guessed it already – but “Hurray for Hurraw!”

wishing you a happy day

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

by the way, HURRAW! is represented in Europe in Austria by Little Pharm KG 

lip balm