Luxury Mountain Spa at Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol

My series ‘The Stunning Spas in Kitz’ is not ending just yet. Not before I have taken you to the Kempinski Hotel in Jochberg with their luxury mountain spa. Jochberg is not exactly a part of Kitzbuehel town, yet only a 15 minute car ride away at a slightly higher altitude in the midst of the Kitzbueheler Alps.

As common in Tyrollean valleys, there is usually one main road across. This means you can leave any town typically in only two directions: up the valley, or down the valley… and if you take the road south into the valley from Kitzbuehel, you cannot miss the Kempinski.

luxury mountain spa

The beautiful ski-in/ski-out hotel (connecting to the world’s best ski resort Kitzbuheler Alps) is actually the only 5* superior hotel in the area and offers next to superior and deluxe rooms a variety of suites with magnificent panoramic views.

But why talking about their beautiful rooms or excellent restaurants, when there is a splendid spa, that I was invited to? I have to tell you all about it!

luxury mountain spa

This true 3.600 square meters mountain spa to me offers the most luxurious spa facilities in the area so far.

The Kempinski Spa Philosophy

If you have visited a Kempinski Spa before, you will remember the philosophy being inspired by the restorative cycle of the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. The idea is to bring the body back to its natural balance, according to common emotions and instincts during the different seasons. For example in winter we tend to retreat and ‘hibernate’, whereas spring encourages growth and blossoming.

luxury mountain spa

Thus, for each season, there are treatments designed accordingly for facials, massages and body treatments: detox in spring, balance for summer, relaxation during autumn and energy for winter.

The Treatments

What a treat indeed! I am invited to try out the signature treatments Tyrollean stone massage and a Valmont facial.

luxury mountain spa

(c) Kempinski

My Massage

The elements water and stone are omnipresent in the Alps, and it is only logical to include those to authentic signature treatments. The Tyrollean Stone Massage is literally performed with local stones from mountain granite, that have been handpicked by the spa people!

The surface of the stones was a little rougher than the usual basalt stones, that you know from your hot stone massage. 

My therapist used the warm stones for her slow and ultimately relaxing energetic massage on my legs, arms and back. She would also place them on important energy points on my body, thus enhancing the energy exchange. 

The beautiful massage reminded my of the one I enjoyed at the Jesacherhof a couple of weeks back, and tells me, that hot stone massages in Alpine areas have been greatly developed into sophisticated and unique treatments.

luxury mountain spa

My Facial

The luxury mountain spa uses the luxury Swiss brand Valmont for their facials, well known for an anti-ageing effect.

Although the facial did not contain any other special steps than the typical cleanse, massage, exfoliation etc., the result was indeed astounding.

I admit, I have not had a Valmont facial before and can only confirm, that the products had a great and positive effect on my skin.

I did feel my skin restructured in this very short time!

luxury mountain spa

The Pools

OMG! I must have been a fish or some other water creature in a former life (in fact I am cancer by zodiac sign), this is how much I loved the pools and the water…

A lovely indoor pool, a stunning 20 meter outdoor pool, and a large salt water outdoor pool, what more could I ask for for a successful spa afternoon?

luxury mountain spa

It was probably the last true summer day mid September, with outside temperatures of about 30 C and a water temperature of the same. Just bliss!

I can only imagine how mystique the water must feel in winter, when the surrounding mountains are white and snow covered, the water surface steamed up, while the water feels like silk on your skin…

luxury mountain spa

Heat Experiences and Relaxation

The Wellness area is just huge! A relax room here, another corner there… a meditation room here, a lounge area there… a quiet room here, a cosy bed by the fireplace there… you can easily get lost, or just hide from the world outside in a most beautiful way!

As you would expect from a 5* hotel spa, you can take your pick for heat experiences. There are a steam room, bio sauna, salt sauna, outdoor Finnish sauna… Yet one of them is very worth talking about in more detail: the lava rock sauna. It was not the one I would try out for a long time at 30 C outside temperature on a hot summer day. But I was intrigued by the beautiful lava fire, the glowing red colour scheme and the super hot temperature. This is the one you desperately want to visit after a long day on the slopes in winter! A must have for a luxury mountain spa!

luxury mountain spa

Gym, Day Spa and Spa Memberships

Of course there is so much more to discover, like the fully equipped gym, or one of the many different relaxation rooms, the six-senses loungers, fire places, the spa bistro, and more. So those great day spa packages and spa memberships make total sense! Check out for great deals at very affordable prices!

luxury mountain spa


My Farewell

I left late that night after a long chat with lovely Janette, the spa manager. She had been working with other Kempinski Spas before, is well travelled and experienced. I enjoyed listening to her talking about the spa industry in general, the signature treatments at her spa and other interesting topics. 

It is not unusual that I am given a farewell gift after visiting a spa. Typically I am treated to a cosmetic product. This time however I was offered to take home my Kempinski branded black and silver spa bag. Thank you so much, i love it!

Oh boy, I am in trouble. Which one out of all the stunning spas in Kitz should I visit again next?

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Did you follow my series? Which one is your favourite Stunning Spa in Kitz?

PS. You may have noticed that I take most of my pictures myself, and that I am no photographer. I do not even use a sophisticated camera. However I do want to add my own rather unprofessional pics to my articles. This way I want to express that I have indeed visited the spa myself. And that they have not simply sent me pictures and text to publish. However I also add some professional photos by the respective company here and there as you deserve only the best!

luxury mountain spa

luxury mountain spa

luxury mountain spa

luxury mountain spa

luxury mountain spa