Tooth Oil by Ringana – So Fresh!

I am sooo happy I can present yet another great skin care brand from my chosen home country Austria. The small country wedged between Germany, Hungry and Switzerland (to name but a few) and a well known tourist destination has some pretty cool innovations to offer. And a lot of them in our beautiful spa / wellness / beauty industry such as the tooth oil by Ringana.

The Company Ringana

Ringana is just celebrating their 20th birthday and until today a family run business! It all started back then with a tooth cleaning story: one day, his son brought back home from kindergarten a teeth cleaning set. Those are distributed for educational purposes to the little ones. Andreas Wilfinger, the founder, says “I did, what we all should do every time: I looked at the list of ingredients at the back of the tooth paste…

And that is when he started making products with no chemicals. I call that very innovative at a time, when very few ever thought about harmful ingredients in food or cosmetics.

After many laborious years of research and development, the company today can look at an impressive annual revenue of 30 Mio Euro with a growth rate of 30%. 

The Ringana Philosophie

The Ringana freshness-philosophie is rather unique. 

No comprises down to the smallest detail” says Andreas in the 3 minute image video (afraid in German only) who was a finalist in 2013 for EY entrepreneur of the year.

The company says about themselves that they are the only manufacturer in Europe with entirely freshly made products. The pillars of their philosphy are 

first: 100% freshness

second: 100% active ingredients

third: 100% responsibility

fourth: 100% ethics

Sounds like no shortcuts to me.

Ringana makes all their vegan products without any chemicals such as mineral oils, parabens or silicons, and does not add preservatives. Andreas adds: “we do not follow trends, we create them!” What he has recognized 20 years ago still lies in the future for many other businesses. 

tooth oil

Ringana Production

Ringana product are exclusively available through sales partners on a recommendation basis. Due to a recent expansion available in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Spain, Italy, and Netherlands, plus UK in the near future.

Location for their manifacturing is Hartberg in Styria, also called the green heart of Austria. All raw materials are sourced worldwide with an emphasis on fair trade, organic farming and sustainability. Ingredients are being delivered fresh, immediately processed, and fresh products delivered to the customer on a daily basis. There is no warehouse, which means that no customer receives a product older than 14 days ever.

No wonder the brand has received many awards, for example the so called ‘Luxepack’ Award for packaging their skin care products in reusable cotton cloths.

And last year, they have won the green award “climate protection” for up-cycling a former super market into the current production site.

tooth oil

My Ringana Product Test – tooth oil

Since tooth cleansing is in the centre of the company’s story and history, I have tried the Ringana tooth oil.

Developed from more traditional oil pulling, the Ringana tooth oil is a full replacement for conservative tooth paste with harmful ingredients. 

Natural ingredients clean gently, high quality plant extracts prevent cavity and bad breath.

As you know, I love oil based skin care in general for external use, yet have never tried a tooth oil before. 

I wonder if it is going to be greasy on my tooth brush and in my mouth? 

Is it going to taste stale? 

Is it going to discolour my teeth?

I drip a few drops on my tooth paste and get started as usual. I am surprised about the very fresh taste! If I didn’t know that I am using oil, I could not have guessed it. Of course their is no foaming as you may be used from your regular tooth paste. My usual brushing cycle is 3 minutes and am rather surprised how clean my teeth feel afterwards. I rinse my mouth with water and find my teeth just as clean as if I had used normal tooth paste. 

I have not used the tooth oil over a long period of time like months or years as yet and can hence not comment on long term use, however I am very positively surprised about my test period so far. If interested, read more about better alternatives to tooth paste.

Spa Geek Knowledge – Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling or oil swishing is a traditional folk remedy, such as used in Ayurveda (kavala). Oil is swished or held in the mouth for a while in order to bind bacteria in the mouth. This treatment is said to pull toxins out, although there is no scientific evidence yet to prove beneficial and healthy effects of oil pulling.


tooth oil

My Ringana Product Test – hand cream

The rich, buttery and orangey cream contains amongst other great ingredients macadamia nut oil. It is known for providing excellent skin protection and skin care properties. 

The manufacturer recommends an overnight hand wrap: apply the cream very generously to hands and nails, don a pair of cotton gloves and allow the cream to penetrate the skin for about 30 min.

The hand cream comes just in time, with winter approaching fast. The skin on my hands always goes very dry in winter. There is too much heating in rooms, wearing gloves, and cold air…

Ringana Contact

You want to get in touch, need to know more or like to buy the products? Please feel free to contact Alexa Hauer-Mattersdorfer by phone +43.676.504 48 40 or mail