Magical Days at Private Chalets Holzleb’n

I wish I could turn back time. And be a child again. 

I am currently further exploring the concept of private spa, and have been invited for a research trip to the Grossarl Valley, only about an hour’s drive South of Salzburg.

The Grossarl Valley is magnificent! Not only because it is called the Alm valley with about 40 mountain “Alm” inns which makes it one super summer resort destination. But also because the ski region makes for an entrance to the largest ski region of Austria called ‘ski Amade” with 860 km of slopes and 270 modern lifts.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller


And the little holiday village Holzleb’n is right in the middle of it all! 

You may wonder why I am travelling to a family holiday destination with no children? Well, the Holzleb’n (which translate to something like ‘wood living’) has more to offer than kids fun.

Actually it provides some authentic lifestyle and serious Wellness offers, and that is what I am after.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

The Family

The owner, Mr. Fischbacher is a very hands on person. We found him behind the reception desk one day, driving around the resort in his little golf cart the other day, and delivering our morning bread basket the day after. He just seemed to be everywhere at the same time. When I praise him for the great play facilities for children (which I have tried and tested thoroughly myself, see video below), he replies: “This is who we are, this is what we do. Farming has always been in our family for generations. My wife and I have four children, we know what we are doing.”

Live what you preach at its best, I say!

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Private Chalets

Compared to the Luxuslodge, where we found the chalets to be very luxurious in terms of equipment and design, Holzleb’n is the comfy and cosy casual equivalent for families.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

We stayed at the ‘hunter’s lodge’ that sleeps up to nine people in three ensuite bedrooms, out of which two are located on the upper level. On the ground level we had our third (barrier free) bedroom and bath, the lounge with direct garden and outdoor tub access, small open kitchen and huge dining table, our wellness area, and a large entrance hallway with half bath.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

The small kitchen is well equipped with everything you need to prepare family meals: dishwasher, toaster, coffee machines, fridge for self supply etc. And if you do not feel like cooking yourself, just ask for ready delivered meals by their catering service from a neighbouring hotel kitchen. Further hotels and restaurants are in walking distance along a nearby romantic biking and walking path along the small river. A true ‘whole family’ paradise: I brought my four legged family member Luda, who felt super comfortable too in the chalet, loved the walks, and enjoyed sunbathing in our fenced garden.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Holzleb’n Wellness

Our cosy private chalet offers great private spa facilities: we have our own Sauna/steam room, a relaxation area with two comfortable beds, and an outside hot tub, super romantic!

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The Sauna (that has a dual function and can be turned into a steam room) is very spacious, six to eight people can comfortably sit in it. A shower right next to it makes sense, so does an outside door giving access to the garden. Two full relax beds make you want to never leave the wellness area again.



But again, my favourite was the stainless steal outside tub! It fills quickly with warm water and the shape is comfortable for two adults to stretch out next to each other.

The water drains automatically after two hours, so that you have a fresh filling almost every time you long for a dip. I spent hours in the tub, taking in the beautiful mountain views and filling my lungs with fresh air. So simple yet so soothing, just water and air.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Can it get any better than this, I ask myself while floating in the tub gazing at the stars in the dark. I feel like the tub is my gateway to wonderland when the fog of the warm water blends with the clouds… 

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

(c) Holzlebn


I have to talk about food here. The concept at Holzleb’n is well worth mentioning: As said above, you can self cater in the chalets, homemade items such as butter, preserves, honey etc are available from a little shop area in the main house. 

In the morning, we received a lovely breakfast basket with everything we needed for a healthy and hearty breakfast: eggs, rolls, bread, homemade preserves, muesli, fruit, cheeses, cold cuts, juices, and farm dairy.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

What better time to spent is there than cherishing good food on a leisurely Sunday morning when you have the time to picture the cows on their lush summer meadows in high altitudes which give the milk for the super healthy and tasty milk, yoghurts and cheeses?

The lovely tea selection in the kitchen has a very special touch: Mr. Fischbacher’s sister makes these herbal teas, and you can literally taste the sunshine on the mountain meadows in them.

My husband commented how important organic local high quality food and ingredients are in order to make this experience very special. Of course, lovely, or comfortable, or convenient facilities are important, but even more so are the ‘soft’ aspects.

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oh boy, magnificient! I love animals, so I spent a good amount of time in the barn, visiting the cows, ponies, ducks, chickens, and goats. How did I envy the kids that were free to take the ponies for a ride in their own little arena.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller


A large car pool with tricycles, bobby cars, go carts, little tractors and bikes is available, so are sleighs in winter, both for small and larger children. The ski in/ ski out holiday village is actually located right next to kids practise slope.

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A small path behind the animal barn takes you up the woods on a short and  educational trail to the little fish pond, where Holzleb’n guests can try their luck. My husband and I had so much fun exploring the nearby jungle gym play area, we just wished to be children again. See for yourself:

Wellness – My Holzleb’n Massage

One of the super luxurious aspects of private spa is to have your spa treatment at home! 

My well trained therapist Sebastian offered me the signature massage which included a gentle and relaxing foot reflexology, a dry face massage including trigger points, and legs/arm/back massages. He simply set up his mobile massage table in our relaxation area and was ready in a few minutes.

I loved the nice finishing touch: wiping off any excess oil with a dry towel was invigorating and left me feeling refreshed. Afterwards I went into my kitchen and made myself a lovely tea, set in the garden for a while and enjoyed relaxing at home in a private environment after my beautiful treatment.

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Wrap Up

I have come to love private chalets! The private chalets concept has a lot of advantages to a regular hotel room. One of them being greater flexibility, which to me is equivalent to ultimate freedom.

Private chalets are serious competition to your regular wellness hotel, now that wellness offers are no longer remote. 

Holzleb’n is one prime example how well family holidays can be more than just adventure park activities for children. 

Take your kids to Holzleb’n and allow them not only to participate in fun activities but also true family wellness!


private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

private chalets TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller