Luxuslodge – Time for Private Spa

Anticipation is the most wonderful sort of joy.

Followed by more joy about this incredible private spa experience at the Luxuslodge in Annaberg. 

(c) luxuslodge

(c) luxuslodge

Ok, at first the term ‘luxus’ did not really appeal to me due to lack of definition. I am so not for bling-bling, so if luxury were defined in that sense, I would probably not have enjoyed my stay.

Yet that impression was quickly rectified when I called the owner of Luxuslodge, Frau Schwaighofer, for arrival details. A lovely and friendly voice informs me in the most charming dialect about where to meet her for check in.

Usually I prefer to do my hotel review all by myself, so that I can focus and am not distracted. But this time, I ask to bring a companion along, and Frau Schwaighofer answers: “But of course bring a companion, wouldn’t you probably get bored all by yourself anyway?”

(Actually, no I would not have, but didn’t know at the time).

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Joyful anticipation

So off we go, exited and full of joyful anticipation.

The little hidden town of Annaberg is located in the Dachstein area, a mountain range with a glacier and just a few meters under 3000 m altitude, in the region of Salzburg.

I look for the Luxuslodge office on the main road in Annaberg, and easy enough to find, we meet Frau Schwaighofer, who greets us with a welcoming smile, the lodge key, and a map. We follow her by car into the Lammer valley to the little alpine holiday resort with the lovely chalets.

Frau Schwaighofer gives us the tour around the chalet, useful instructions, such as how to use the fireplace, when the fresh bread basket is delivered in the morning etc, and how to operate our private sauna.

Then we are left to ourselves… and ultimate tranquility.

The Chalet

Our 150 m² chalet ‘Bischofsmütze’ for up to 10 people is stunning.  

It is 3 spacious floors, 

a cosy loft for playing and reading, 

3 outside decks with stunning views,

small garden, 

a free hanging fireplace, 

a wellness area with a sauna, relax are and outside hot tub. 

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The kitchen is fully stocked with chef cooking equipment, elaborate tea pots and teas, and a Nespresso DeLonghi coffee machine, electric stove, fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher.  

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The living and dining area offer a large wooden table and panoramic windows. My companion said “It is like being in someone’s home that was decorated by Ralph Lauren or Martha Stewart”. Very cozy and lots of charms. The views are spectacular. The fridge had eggs, cold cuts, cheese, jams, honey, butter, vegetables and lots of fruit. There is a beer and wine basket with a nice little selection and reasonable price list.

And if you don’t feel like cooking, ask for the chef to come to your luxury chalet and cook for you! 


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The added touches are amazing: board games, video games, magazines, TV’s in each bedroom/living area/relax area, binoculars, umbrellas, gas heater on the outside decks. Even a knitting kit is available. A very well appointed lodge. Oh, music goes on when you go into the bathroom and the steps and bathrooms have motion sensors. And of course a full utility room has washer and dryer. In winter you will totally enjoy your own ski room with boot dryer. They considered everything! It is near impossible to find a fault. (In fact the only thing I was missing was a yoga mat, and I am sure Mrs. Schaighofer has already looked into this.). 

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Holistic Wellness Experience

The ski in/ ski out Luxuslodge is a truly holistic wellness experience. The bedrooms are furnished with natural materials, old wooden furniture, pine cabinets and floors and high quality mattresses. We slept like rocks! The three full and modern bathrooms are spacious, one even has a rain shower and spa tub to complement the wellness routine in your private spa.

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Spa Geek Knowledge – The Stone Pine

The Stone Pine is a pine tree that grows in the Alps typically at 1,200 metres (3,900 ft) to 2,300 metres (7,500 ft) altitude. The very aromatic smelling wood is very popular for furniture and beds. Scientific studies show that the wood of the stone pine improves sleep by lowering heart beats during the sleep, which makes the night’s rest more restorative.


Private Spa and Treatment

Not everyone enjoys sharing pools and heat experiences with strangers.

Particularly as opinions differ as to nudity or textile. In your private spa such at the Luxuslodge, you needn’t worry about that aspect, nor do you have to sacrifice any of the services you would expect from a fully equipped spa. A combo sauna (Finnish and steam) works both ways, just allow about half an hour for pre-heating and you are set to fully enjoy your private spa experience.

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Set the lights and music to your preference, rest in the lovely relax area and take in the stunning views. 

I so made the heated hot outdoor tub my absolute favourite. Nothing beats relaxing in warm water and fresh mountain air with a glass of champagne or a herbal tea.

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A Truly Holistic Massage Experience

After a restful and quiet night’s good sleep and our hearty breakfast with freshly delivered bread, rolls and pastries, I expected my therapist Andrea for ‘a’ massage. 

But not just any massage: another genuinely integrated experience.

Andrea arrives at the chalet with her foldable massage table (I am glad to say that modern foldable tables are pretty comfortable!), which she set up in my relax room within a few minutes only.

Andrea, who’s core area is TCM, is a very mindful therapist, with great hands and intuition. She mixes acupressure, meridian massage, cranio sacral, foot reflexology, with more common modalities such as Swedish Massage intuitively according to the resonance of my body.


(c) Günter Standl

Later she tells me that she could feel imbalances in my liver and gall, stomach, and lower back, which is why she focussed on my heart chakra with colour blue.

After the massage we have a little chat (I love their local dialect!), where I am happy to confirm to Andrea that I find the level of excellency in massage treatments and therapies in Austria very high in general. Austrian therapists usually undergo an extensive training of several years. Additional mandatory ongoing training and certification guarantees high standards and knowledge amongst therapists.

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Advantages of Private Spa

Of course the private spa concept is not a social affair, yet has so many advantages compared to more public areas. Personally I have never had the opportunity of extending relaxation beyond the treatment or relaxation area of a more public or hotel spa environment better than in private spas.

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Dogs welcome at the Luxuslodge

private spa TalkWellness Anja Eva KellerI loved the fact that dogs are not merely tolerated but actually welcome. You are provided with everything you need for your puppy. Mine loved snoozing on the cow skin in front of the open fire place, enjoyed the beautiful walks in the area, sunbathing on the large terrace, and sniffing in the garden.

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What is Luxury?

Initially we were invited to experience the Luxuslodge and private Spa for one night. But then we did something I never do when doing Hotel Reviews: we extended our stay! We loved everything so much, that we could just not yet say our goodbyes after the first night. 

This experience has brought back awareness of a sort of true luxury to me: ultimate privacy, tranquility, and experiencing nature in a very private space.

Staying at the Luxuslodge felt like coming home after a long journey.

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