SPA Manufactur®: Superfood Organics for Healthy Skin 

I had already introduced SPA Manufactur® waterfree skin care from Germany recently, when I had tested 2 of their products from the inspiring and soulful indulgence collection: the Ultra luxurious Pure Vitamins Bath Cream & Body Pack and Pure Vitamins Luxury Body Oil in glass bottle with high end ingredients.

Today I am presenting additional superfood organics for healthy skin products from two more collections:

Detox Peeling and Bath Butter in plastic tub from the Dune Rose Collection


Ayurveda Massage Oils for Vata, Pita and Kapha in glass bottles.

superfood organics healthy skin TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Detox Peeling and Bath Butter

Let me start right away with my favourite: the balancing and harmonising Detox Peeling and Bath Butter.

Although a salt and not sugar scrub (which could be a little challenging for my very dry skin at times), this product is going to make it to my Top 10 list of favourite products in 2016.

I am absolute in favour of the texture of this buttery exfoliation. Unlike other peelings or scrubs, the texture of this one is very homogenous. I have tested many other scrubs where oils and salt or sugar crystals separate and I had to stir before use. Not so with the Detox Peeling and Bath Butter, which is real superfood for your skin, thumbs up!

The pink colour is lovely (who does not love pink?) and the scent is flowery and citrusy at the same time with rose-geranium, palmarosa and grapefruit amongst other ingredients. A small wooden spoon makes it very easy to retrieve the correct amount that I wish to use. 

I always prefer glass bottles and jars for my skin care and am hence not super happy about the fact, that the butter comes in a plastic container, however I also understand the advantages (i.e. weight, when it comes to shipping) of synthetic material.

superfood organics healthy skin TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Dosha specific Ayurveda Massage Oils

The massage oils come in the three different Dosha specific types

Pitta: for calm & strength, with rosewood, lavender, lime, orange and mountain crystals 

Vata: for peace & harmony, with sandalwood, green pepper and ylangylang

Kapha: for power & vitality, with sage, patchouli, bergamot, lemon, and eucalyptus


superfood organics healthy skin TalkWellness Anja Eva KellerI am in the fortunate position of being a Tri-Dosha which was discovered during my Ayurveda in Sri Lanka and have hence more options when it comes to choosing Ayurvedic products.

Thus I am a happy user of all three oils, that come in small glass bottles with a super practical roller pen top.

Much like the baton by Kindred Skincare, the roller pen keeps the palms of my hands oil free when needed, particularly when I am on the road and travelling.


Superfood Organics for Healthy Skin

SPA Manufactur®, who is preferred partner of healing hotels of the world, appreciates the values

social competence
and reciprocal treatment.

Superfood Organics for healthy glowy skin

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Iris, the creative director and owner of SPA Manufactur®, via email

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