myrto-naturalcosmetics is a small skin care company with a big soul

I love those kind of stories: young and (family or single-owner run) small skin care company produces innovative and high quality organic skin care in small own manufacturing and wins an award straight away!

In this case we are talking about myrto naturalcosmetics, a small skin care company based in the heart of Germany. 

Great news: there is an English site available for all you nosy non-German speakers!

myrto-naturalcomsmetics guiding ideas from a small company with a big soul

The manufacturer refrains from using any conventional emulsifiers, alcohol and essential oils in their products.

Most of the raw materials come from fair trading, organic farming and controlled wild harvest.

The philosophy of myrto has quiet some interesting aspects:

manufacturing replaces mass production

the old fashioned term ‘manufacturing’ is self explanatory: ‘manu’ means ‘hand’. Products from a ‘manufaktur’ are handmade with love and soul. Quality organic skin care can never come from mass production! 

premium quality is fun

Only natural and certified raw materials are used to the strictest interpretation. With the exception of honey and bees wax (highly esteemed for their healing properties for thousands of years) are all myrto products vegan.

Plant extracts are preferably derived from chemical free CO2 extraction.

prime skin tolerance and sustainable skin care effect

myrto products do not aim at an immediate effect only, but particularly support healthy, vital, natural glowing skin and hair by ongoing use.

All myrto products are 100% vegan and seem to be well agreeable to all skin types and conditions.

respect for humans and nature

In order to support environmentalism and to avoid long transportation routes, this small skin care company prefers to work with local and regional partners. Packing materials come from Germany and are typically made of glass or other recyclable materials. Some raw materials may come from fair trade projects, such as shea butter from Burkina Farso and handpressed Argan oil from Morocco.

ongoing innovation

Natural and organic skin care based on prime raw ingredients means constant innovation with regards to new recipes for skin tolerance and effects. This is for example why myrto-naturalcosmetics products can abstain from conservative emulsifiers which may harm the skin’s own lipid layer. Instead, myrto products contain plant fibres, which have the property to bind watery and oily substances well together.

small skin care company

My product Test

I have tried 3 things: a facial oil, a day cream and a cleanser.

Vegan Summer Day Oil 

My Vegan Summer Day Oil won the Green Product Award in Summer 2016, not only due to its high natural sun protection factor. 

Ok, summer is over, yet I love my myrto facial oil so much that I am going to use it all year round! Besides, winter sun can just be as damaging in the Alps, so a natural sun protection always comes in handy for my skin!

I even use facial oil under makeup and do not mind the feeling. Natural oils do not leave the ‘greasy shiny film’ like harmful mineral oils, but more like a healthy glow on my rather dry skin. I find a natural oil an ideal base for makeup as they blend well. 

All products have a subtle smell in general, since the manufacturer does not use artificial perfumes anyway, and the summer day oil has a lovely ‘grainy’ smell to me. What a beautiful change to the usual more fruity or flowery smells of other products!

small skin care company

Ingredients of Myrto-Naturalcosmetics Bio Summer Day Oil S,

spreading of ingredients rating according to looking great!

80% good

20% very good

1.   Avellana Gevuina Seed Oil 

2.   Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil 

3.   Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil 

4.   Schizandra Sphenanthera Fruit Extract 

5.   Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract 

Explanation of smileys

 particularly recommended


 without positive or negative effects on skin (eg. water), or without any predominant effects

 not recommended

 should be avoided


My Bio Jojoba cleansing cream S is lovely, not too oily, not too squeaky… just leaving my facial skin smooth and clean, well prepared for either the cream or oil. It gently removes all residues of make up, or simply the day’s dirt from pollution, whilst providing extra hydration.

Extra Tip by the manufacturer: watch out, guys, you may have your next luxurious shaving cream here!

I ask my husband guineapig to use the bio jojoba cleansing cream instead of his usual shaving cream. His first impression: the blades glide much smoother and faster! The post-shaving sensation is: the skin feels soft and cared for, not as dehydrated as it happens with conservative shaving products.
His only tiny critique: he had to rinse the blades more often since the cream is stickier and can clog the blades. Yet he has experienced this with other shaving products before, like with a shaving oil, so he is not to worried.
We may have a new fan here!

small skin care company

Day Cream

The Bio Jojoba day cream for sensitive skin is actually very nice and light. You know I am not a great fan of facial creams and certainly not around the eyes, but this hypo allergenic cream is light and velvety and super under make up. And I like the size of the airless spender container. Compact, round, and fits well in my travel bag.

And not only the outside is minimalistic, so are the ingredients. Meaning maximum effect by a few but powerful active and organic ingredients: 

  • jojoba oil, known for healing properties to irritated or impure skin, with a firming effect on skin tissue and elasticity
  • hand pressed argan oil, firming with cell renewing Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, said to be ideal for acne treatment, allergies and neurodermatitis
  • sheabutter, which contains a fair share of Vitamins A and E, regenerative, smoothing and improves the skins own barrier
  • almond oil, super ideal for sensitive skin
  • and babassu oil, a star amongst skin care oils by being anti-inflammatory, high content of Vitamin E, cold pressed and fair traded, produced in a Brasilian Women’s Cooperative

If you like visuals, check out their little image video 

Two thumbs up for myrto-naturalcosmetics! I am looking forward to trying more of their products.

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting



Myrto products are available online. How do you preferably shop for your skin care products?