Sodashi – luxurious natural skin care from Australia with a wow-effect

I was contacted by Marianne Schnaitmann from Schnaitmann Beauty GmbH, who has always had a keen interest in natural skin care and organic products. Marianne, trained Spa Manager and beautician herself, introduced Sodashi to the European market some 10 years ago. 

She asked me if I was interested in reviewing Sodashi products, and since I have not been able to experience the brand before, I was happy to agree.

Marianne first got to know the products herself during a holiday in Thailand, where she visited the resort’s spa on a regular basis for treatments with Sodashi products. At the end of her stay, she noticed a significant change in her skin and purchased products to take back home.

Schnaitmann Beauty

Soon she realised, that the products were nowhere to be purchased in Europe, which is the beginning of the story of the Schnaitmann beauty company today representing the Sodashi brand allover Europe in renowned 4*+ and 5* establishments.

Why Sodahsi?

Sodashi is an Australian skin care company that has successfully harnessed the benefits of natural ingredients to produce effective, chemical-free skin care products and spa therapies.

Founded by New Zealand-born Megan Larsen in 1999, Sodashi offers a range of products that work holistically to nurture the skin and enhance overall wellbeing. There was never any room for compromise. It was 100% chemical-free or nothing.

Megan Larson (c) Sodahsi

Megan Larson (c) Sodahsi

Sodashi’s absolute commitment to working in harmony with nature is reflected across all areas of the business. Not a single synthetic chemical, preservative or fragrance is used in the Sodashi manufacturing process. Products are never tested on animals and Sodashi packaging is recyclable and printed with natural vegetable dyes.

face mist




Considered the purest skin care range in the world, Sodashi now enjoys international success and recognition and is available at many of most exclusive resorts and spas worldwide with their products and own treatment protocols.


My experience

I was delighted when receiving the package filled with an entire product range in a black look. All products come in violett Meron Glass containers (made in Switzerland), which are not highly recyclable but also protect the natural ingredients of the products. 

And this is my only critique with the products: due to the similarity of containers, it is near impossible to distinguish products by their look only, without reading the labels.

An instructional leaflet accompanying the shipment teaches me about the 5 steps to a beautiful skin in form of a mini facial, that I perform at home:

  1. first step: Cleanse
    eye: eye and lip cleanser with chamomile is an ultra gentle cleansing lotion
    face and neck: rejuvenating clay cleanser with lavender is a non foaming cleanser, that resembles a moisturiser in texture and feel, nourishing dry or mature skin.
  2. second step: Exfoliation with concentrate
    the balancing concentrate with the 3 L (lemon, lime and lavender amongst others) is applied to a warm and moist face cloth used as a compress on the facial skin. A true and therapeutic plant essence exfoliation.
  3. next step: Hydration
    the rejuvenating face mist tones and balances the skin’s pH. Lovely sandalwood and rosewood scent! the diffuser is probably the finest I have ever come across, spraying my face feels like the breath of an angel.
  4. then: Boost
    eye: the everyface eye lifting gel is similar to the skin booster in texture and instantly firms, tones, and lifts the eye area.
    face: the rejuvenating skin booster is a firming and toning gel (I love gels and this is together with the body polish my favourite amongst my Sodashi selection) with rosewood and cistus for cell renewing has an interesting dry to the touch texture
  5. final step: Moisturising
    the rejuvenating face and neck moisturiser is for dry and mature skin with deeply nourishing properties from macadamia and avocado oil. Palmarosa and rosewood support cell renewal.

Additionally I find two body products:

Sodashi natural skin care



A Becalm Jojoba bead body polish suitable for everyday use that has been tested on a person suffering from neurodermatitis. The body peeling has a gel texture with the smallest particles, making it a very gentle mechanical exfoliation solution. 




Sodashi natural skin care



The enlivening body lotion from the Awaken Series with an easy to use pump has revitalising properties from hazelnut oil, lemongrass (very refreshing scent!), cypress and bergamot. Smells like ‘a day in the spa’. The light texture is ideal for after my morning shower before getting dressed (whereas at night, I prefer a heavier texture like a body oil).



Sodashi, which in Sanskrit means wholeness, purity and radiance, embraces the mind, body and spirit of each person rather than merely the skin. This holistic approach melds perfectly with Spa; not a quick over-the-counter purchase, but a truly holistic appraisal and solution to an individual’s needs. Needless to mention that both, retail and professional products of this natural skin care are available.

If you wish to know more about this spa-only brand from small manufactoring and that is not available in stores, please feel free to contact Mrs. Marianne Schnaitmann  from Schnaitmann Beauty GmbH |

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting

in text pics (c) Schnaitmann Beauty / Sodashi