Places of Power in Tyrol

Yes, Tyrol is Wellness Country par excellence and what better place to chose as venue for the next Global Wellness Summit!  

Majestic Mountains. 

Crystal clear lakes and rivers. 

The freshest air you have ever inhaled.

Rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Hospitable people.

Magical moments. 

Adrenalin activities.

Pure relaxation and bliss.

Healing thermal spring waters.

Indigenous treatments.

Natural foods.

Healthily paced lifestyles.

And ‘Kraftplaetze’, places of power in Tirol!

A “Kraftplatz” (plural: Kraftplaetze) is a special place which kept nature´s creation potential and offers different possibilities to regain the strength and enhance the general well-being through particular oscillations (Time, 2015).

Although there is no academic definition to ‘Kraftplatz’ (which could be literally translated to ‘places of power’), many people believe in the power of them. They are places which are said to have special energies by nature.

The believe in this phenomenon reaches far back, for example churches and monasteries were chosen to be built in such places of power.

Places of Power in Tirol

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Some of our Tyrollean “Kraftplaetze” have a spiritual or religious background. Others are said to be healing. Some are broadly recognised, others not. Kraftplaetze are likely sensed on a very individual level, rather than on a specific local quality.

In ancient times our ancestors established spiritual and cultural  places in locations with special energies, such as terrestrial radiation, radioactivity, magnetism. We do not know about all of the purposes of these ancient places anymore, however some can still feel the power they hold.

Some of the world’s most famous are probably Stonehenge in the UK and Ayer’s rock in Australia.

Not only engaging with nature as such has the power to bring us back to our senses and ourselves, but particularly in locations such as these four places of power in Tirol and around the beautiful nature of Kitzbuehel:

Places of Power: Wilder Kaiser mountain range

Places of Power in Tirol

view from inside the stone circle

The modern Ellmauer stone circle was built of 20 stones in the shape of a giant mandala symbol. 

It is said that in the centre of the circle about 77×77 forms of terrestrial cosmic energetic radiation is active.

Extra tip: on the easy hike of under 1 hour along a round trail, pick up a pebble to be energised in the stone circle as you visit. This way you can take home the very special energy!

(c) rol art images / Tourism  office Pillerseetal

(c) rol art images / Tourism office Pillerseetal

Places of Power: Natural Spring Water in Fieberbrunn

Located next to the beautiful church with its grand interior, built in 1445, lies the fountain. A plate reads: Former Tyrolean princess Margaretha came to the nearby Pillersee Valley in the year 1354. Suffering from heavy fever, she drank water from the spring and regained her health. This is why the spring was named “Fieberbrunn” (free translation: fever well), eventually including the entire village, today known as Fieberbrunn. And again in the year 1620, archduchess Claudia von Medici was cured by the water.

The entire place is said to be holy, radiation omnipresent.

Places of Power: Schalenstein in the Rettenstein mountain range

The Rettenstein is not just the highest peak in the Kitzbueheler Alps region, yet the most distinctive, with a rather isolated location. This makes the Rettenstein peak a prominent view point for hikers. In this area we can find so called ‘Schalensteine’ in a place named ‘ancient dance floor’. 

A rock with an artificial indentation is called ‘Schalenstein’ (Schale = bowl, Stein = stone or rock), typically round and sometimes oval shaped. The precise dimples distinguish those stones from naturally eroded stones. Sizes can vary greatly. Classic ‘Schalensteine’ belong to the very oldest petroglypths, dated in the neolithic period.

Places of Power in Tirol

Places of Power: Jakobsweg 
One of the ‘Camino de Santiago’ pilgrim trails part of recognised cultural routes, in English called the Way of St James.

After having lived in beautiful Tyrol for 7 years now (for which I am endlessly grateful), I have experienced many of these energising locations like I have presented them above.

I can hear you asking now “Anja, which one is your favourite amongst them?”

Well, everyday I can come across a new special place where I can regain my strength and renew energy, where I witness a breathtaking view that makes me humble or experience an encounter with a wild species.

Any chosen place can be a Place of Power

Personally I believe, that any chosen place can be a place of power.

One of my very personal and favourite Kraftplaetze however is a viewing platform located along the ‘Roemerweg’ (an ancient trail) on the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range, on which I love to do my morning yoga practise in summer.

Places of Power in Tirol

Watching the sun rise behind distinctively shaped Kitzbueheler Horn mountain, with birds singing above my head in pine trees, breathing seemingly pure oxygen provides me with strength, stamina, passion and patience throughout my day.

I sincerely hope you will be able to experience one of our magical places of power in Tirol during your visit yourself.

love and happiness always

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting