Sanitas Skin Care – suitable products for dry skin

This is a long overdue product review for Sanitas Skin Care

I feel like I have had these test products for an eternity now. In fact, since October 2016. But it was worth the wait, or lets say the thorough test. I wanted to try them out for a longer period to make sure I get everything this brand offers. And if they are suitable products for my dry skin.

Because their is a little mystery surrounding this brand. I was given the free test kits with products for dry skin at the Global Wellness Summit, however had not had a chance to talk to one of the representatives. And I admit that I had only heard about the brand vaguely before.

When checking on to their website, it says “new website coming soon” for a couple of months now. So no online store to buy the products directly and not easily found in the market in general. And very little background information so far.

So where can you find them? 

It looks like they are available from Dermstore, Amazon and Pharmaca. Seems like they prefer to sell retail via licensed beauticians to ensure that they consumer receives the proper advise for their individual skin type. This way they want to make sure that you use the right product which ensures your satisfaction with the product you buy.

What I have found out?

The idea behind this skin care line is skin health: Sanitas Skincare is supposed to leverage your body’s own biochemistry and innate the ability to heal itself. Their mission is to use progressive science, research, and education (actually a calendar with open training classes is available from their current website) to develop products that improve skin health by topical and nutritional strategies.

Each product is said to challenge the skin in order to grow stronger.

Sanitas products are not tested on animals, and free of parabens, phthalates, gluten and harsh preservatives.

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Well, let’s see which products I have tested and how I have used them:

My Product Test

I have tried three different products for dry skin, which totally suits my personal skin type:

Natural Moisture Factor, a moisture rich serum

I am always alert when I hear serum. Because between oil, serum, gel and cream, I like cream least and find serums to be an ideal alternative. This one is of clear colour and neutral scent. Slightly rich and not watery, it provides sufficient moisturising for my dry skin, without being heavy or oily or shiny after application. Actually, I was travelling and away from home for only one night and did not want to bring a large suitcase. I only packed the little serum bottle and used it in the morning, at night and in between and was totally happy.

Milk & Honey Cleanser, a restorative cleanser

I love this one! Lovely sweetish honey scent, sufficiently balanced between milky and firm, so that I can use it under the shower. I put 3 to 4 pumps in my palm and apply the product on moist skin all over my face, neck, and décolleté. It leaves a clean, yet not squeaky-clean sensation, and easily removes all make up. I rinse the cleanser off with water and am done. Ideal! I love easy-to-use products, with no further items such as cotton pads or mittens needed.
So, to answer the question: yes, these two products above are suitable products for dry skin!

Topical C, a deeply moisturising balm for severely dry skin

Although my skin is dry and I can never apply too much, I was not taken by this thick and rather sticky balm. The key benefits of this balm are Vitamins C and D.

Promoted as reparative daily moisturiser, I would personally use it rather as a night time moisturiser instead. But since I felt I had better option for my night skin care, I have used up the balm as lip balm.

I have tried it as hand cream, but that did not work at all for me. Sorry.

Have you seen or tried Sanitas Skincare before? What is your skin type?

Love to hear from you,

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting