Super Summer Thirst Quenchers – healthy, refreshing, and virgin

They are called Detox Water, or Spa Water, or infused Water… whichever name you prefer, they taste great, are easy to mix, and super healthy. 

And we love these refreshing drinks, even long after summer is over!

Especially in summer we need fluids, yet sugary sodas do not do the trick.

Beat the heat with these wellness summer drink recipes

I like to stay away from fruity options. Too sweet in taste for me most of the time and too much much sugar, even if no sugar added. There are so many other herbs and spices that make great summer drinks instead!

My top 5 super summer thirst quencher Recipes 

With creative twists on classic lemonades and infused waters, I have chosen my top 5 super summer thirst quencher recipes for you to try this season.

#1 Cucumber Cool

summer thirst quenchers TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

This is a detox delight! A few slices of fresh cucumber and a handful of fresh peppermint leaves make for a great and super light refreshment!


#2 Turmeric Tonic


summer thirst quenchers TalkWellness Anja Eva Keller

Spice, Spice Baby! mineral water/coconut water, 1/2 tea spoon of tumeric and ginger each, fresh pressed juice of 1 lemon, a hint of ground black pepper, and ice cubes! Super refreshing and just that little bit spicy!


#3 Basil Booster


We love basil on our tomatoes, so why not put it more often in our drinks? For this summer thirst quencher take a few slices of fresh cucumber, a few fresh basil leaves, and freshly pressed juice of a lime…… mmmmhhhhhh.


#4 Fennel Fuzz



TalkWellness Anja Eva KellerI find fennel an underused vegetable and would love to have it more on the table. With this drink I can add some more to my life, and here goes the reipe: take a few slices of fresh fennel and cucumber, add a few strands of fresh thyme. Yummylicious!


#5 Lavender Love


Flower Petals such as rose petals make nice ingredients for infused water.

For this recipe, I use 1 table spoon of fresh lavender petals, juice of 1 lemon, half/half mineral water and coconut water. Add a natural sweetener if needed.


Good to Know

Each of the above recipe is enough for one drink, i.e. a large tumbler.

Depending on how cold you like your drink, add ice cubes.

Most of the time, I mix coconut water and mineral water 50:50, as I feel that coconut water makes the drinks a little softer. Of course you can also use one of the two solely, or mix in different ratio.

I very rarely add sweetener, and if I do, I use a natural one like honey or agave sirup. I also make my own elderflower sirup every year (in May), and that makes a great ingredient for the super summer thirst quenchers too.

Many of these drink make also great bases for liquor versions. Add gin, or vodka, or tequila as you like and depending on your thirst 😉

Shopping List

I always keep the following at home, so that I can make one of my super summer thirst quenchers anytime:

  • mineral water
    I believe water to be the best thirst quencher in general, after all, water is the major component in human’s body, about 60% on average. And our billions of cells – where two thirds of our body water is kept – need water to life.
  • coconut water
    whilst tap water in Tyrol is almost mineral water and of great quality and taste, I am not so fortunate to have access to fresh coconut water. Luckily there are some good packaged options out there and I always keep a few pack in the fridge.
  • fresh vegetables
    like cucumber and fennel are on my plate every day anyway. I use what I have available. Why not try carrot infused water?
  • peppermint and other fresh herbs that grow easily outside on my deck, such as lavender, basil, and sage
  • lemons and limes, kitchen must-have no 1 in summer for many purposes
  • agave sirup and honey
    as natural sweeteners when needed
  • a spice collection
    I have a big spice drawer as I love to bring back home spices from my travels all around the world. I particularly like spices that are used in Indian and Arabian cuisines.

What is your most unusual infused water recipe or ingredient? And which is your favourite of my list? Do you offer infused water at your spa?

Anja Eva Keller Spa & Wellness Consulting